1. F

    Gen 2 Cover and Manual

    Yamaha factory cover, ABA-3C328-00-XX, for FZ1, excellent condition. Only used for indoor storage, never saw any weather. $75 plus shipping Cover SOLD Genuine Yamaha service manual, LIT-11616-19-79, for '06-'15 FZ1 Models. Lightly used. $40 shipped - Manual SOLD
  2. D

    Needed- EXUP cover

    Good morning y'all. I've been lurking around the forum for a while. Had an 03 FZ1 for several years that got stolen a while back. I loved the bike, so I recently snapped up another 03 for a good price. When I went to check the tension on the EXUP cables the other day, I noticed the cover was...
  3. fz1uk

    Stator Removal

    Hi, My stator ate itself by chewing the magnets around it and I'm trying to replace the flywheel surround and the stator - I can see shards of magnet poking out of the flywheel which is also firmly wedged on the stator. My real question is.. how on earth do I get the stator to come away from the...
  4. Rx_FZ1

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 Motor Part Out

    All the items are off a 2006 fz1 with 14k. All parts are in excellent condition. From a parted out motor due to a broken shift rod. All items are OBO and ships free! They are listed on ebay as well, with pictures. I can PM/text pictures to forum members if you would like to avoid eBay, I know I...
  5. H

    Radiator side cover screws

    Hello all. Just getting pulse on these screws. I noticed some rattling and after looking around, found that the two screws that hold in the plastic radiator side covers were missing from one side. Anyone have a set or know where to get just the screws? here's a picture, they're the two screws...
  6. ballmead

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover (Australia Only)

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover GenII (Australia Only) Hi all, I have a brand new, never fitted MDI carbon fibre instrument cover for sale. This is for a GenII FZ1. It's matt finish with plain twill It took months to turn up and they sent me the wrong finish.....arrgh!! I have decided to try...
  7. Dicko

    Bike looked wider than usual

    I went out to do some work on the bike and noticed the cover looked wider than usual, upon closer inspection I found someone had parked another Yamaha under it! When I asked my daughter if she'd parked her bike under the cover next to mine she said "Yes Dad, that's where the bike without...
  8. F

    fz1 leak from weep hole

    Alright guys, got a 06 fz1 with only 8500 miles on it, i noticed a wierd burning smell and sure enough there something all over the bottom of the oil pan and its dripping on the exhaust, not sure if its oil or coolant. From what ive researched it could be seals in the waterpump. Can i get to the...
  9. S

    WTB Gen1 Parts.

    Looking for: right side grab rail stator cover fuel tank with minimal or no damage Let me know, Thanks
  10. CharlieDog

    Fs: 2001 fz1 ne tn $2200

    After ten years of ownership, I have decided to move on. I am keeping my Gen II but selling my Gen I. I bought it from the original owner with less than 8K miles on it and have put over 30K on it with no problems. I will not stop riding it, weather permitting. Maintenance records included...
  11. F

    Wtb meter cover fz1n

    I need a meter (Gauge) cover for my Fz6 Naked conversion. Part number: 2D1-83559-00-00 If you have one for sale please pm me.
  12. J

    Oil leak help ----- Newbie

    I just bought my 2001 FZ1 about a month ago for a fairly cheap price. It has high mileage as well. I started to notice small drops of oil on the ground when I parked it in my garage. I took off the chain cover and this is what I see. Bottom Any advice will be helpful since I...
  13. R

    Gen 2 Top Sellierie Leather tank cover- FS or FT

    Okay guys I have a 3 week old Top Sellerie leather tank cover for a Gen 2 FZ1 in black. The thing is AWESOME. fits like a glove and looks beautiful. I got it originally to cover my dented gas tank. I just happened upon a new tank and fender set in red and so I am looking to either sell this tank...
  14. O

    NOOB Here

    Hey, I am new to the world of FZ1 ownership. A friend of mine had a 2001 that I enjoyed riding years ago. This one popped up on a local classified ad site a while back and never sold, so I was able to get a good deal on it. It is a 2002 with a Holeshot slip-on and Dyno Jet kit, according to...
  15. ghetto_d

    under tank panel/ tank side cover REMOVAL

    forgive me if there is a thread regarding this elsewhere; i feel i searched long enough. i see the 'tank side cover,' as yamaha calls it, is not affixed like the r1's. thus (before i break something), i ask: how does one go about removing these fugly lil' panels? spanks, ;)
  16. F

    Removing cover over front sprocket

    What's the best way to remove shift mechanism so can clean front sprocket? Do the nuts on the shift arm have to be totally taken off or can they just be loosened?
  17. FZ1riderNY

    GenI Makes The Cover

    Got home this evening to find the new Cycle Gear Circular and didn't notice til I got upstairs that it's a GenI on the cover. Pretty cool.
  18. A

    Clutch Cable Loose After Clutch Change

    Bike FZ1N 2009 I need help and advice. I changed my clutch plates as it seemed like a easy job. After installing the plates and the cover, i found my clutch cable was too loose. Initially i though it was a cable adjustment issue, but it seems like there is not enough strength on the pull...
  19. L

    Cover - Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Cover

    Fits the FZ1 perfectly!!! I bought this brand new back in August and have had my bike under it pretty much the entire time. Before it got wet or cold, I sprayed it with a 3M waterproofing coat to repel water a bit more. Pockets on the inside if you want to add some weight to keep the cover more...