1. Bogie

    What are you listening to right now?

    This has been a fun thread on other pages I have been on over the years. Listening to the 2 songs released today from Stone Sour. Their new album is coming out soon. Corey Taylor is an Iowa boy. Born in Des Moines and raised a good chunk of his life in Waterloo. Met him a couple times...
  2. loosenut

    Roughing it

    This is some portions of Coalinga Road. Conditions are better than I expected. The FZ1 handles it all reasonably well. Just a couple slips and some splashing.
  3. Erci

    FS: HVMP heavy bar end weights - central NJ - $50

    These help a great deal with handlebar vibration. They are a direct fit for FZ6, FZ1 and FZ6R handlebars. I've had these on my FZ1 for a couple of years, but no longer need them (will not be using FZ1 for long rides). $50 + shipping (local pick-up welcome). - SOLD
  4. A

    Do cars try to "race" you all the time?

    I have noticed two things on my first two days of riding. Except how much more fun it is than I even thought it would be. I have noticed that other cyclists are very friendly and wave, for the most part, and Cars seem to be trying to race me, or burn me, or pass me even when I am going...
  5. n.e.mich

    Rode with my buddy and his Gen 1 today.

    We swapped bikes after a while and rode his for a couple hours. Always wanted to ride one (mine was an '06). My first impression was how nimble and light it felt, I also found it very comfortable and I see now why so many people like them! It felt like a smaller size 600cc bike underneath me...
  6. mailtiger

    RSC Lighter Pull Clutch Lever

    Installed this on my bike a couple weeks ago. Check out my writeup at: RSC Reduced Pull Clutch Lever - FZ1OA Message Board
  7. B

    couple of test videos couple of test rides and first gopro videos
  8. N

    Wanted - Gen 1 rear sets

    Looking for anything to bring rear sets up and back a couple inches on a budget. Thanks in advance!