1. Klurejr

    You thought you were having a bad morning.....

    Check out this truck I saw on the center divider last week. On another note, this guy can do wheelies at speed..... Not something I would do... but it looks cool.
  2. Dustin

    For the mountain bikers of the forum

    My friend is an avid downhill MTB rider and he just started up his own YouTube channel with a really cool POV style. He's going to post videos of all the different trails and racing events around BC and other places. The videos are really cool as they are shot with a sweet stabilizer for a GoPro...
  3. Morgstang

    Carbon Fiber Fork Protector Bling!!!

    These are cool...
  4. A

    Good first motorcycle for girlfriend?

    What did you ladies start riding? I am new myself, girlfriend wants a bike, I was thinking a ninja 250 or 500. She does want to look cool. What did you all start out on and what do you think would be best?
  5. Klurejr

    Integrated Brake and turn signals jacket

    Anyone else seen this? Looks really cool.
  6. M

    2009 FZ1 naked/retro

    Sold Texas bike One owner 14754mi. and counting RFID 40bit Keyless ignition 2 Fobs with programmer so you can program an implant and insert into your hand to turn the bike on. There is no ignition switch anymore. more handle bar lock but no more broken screwdrivers rendering your bike...
  7. lytehouse

    Another Colorado Ride

    So my son came home from Florida and we set out on a quick little 4 day/3 night ride. He hasn't been on a bike in about 3 years or so since he sold his FZ1 when he moved to Fla. Luckily, we have an extra bike in the garage that he could borrow.... We headed out Monday morning towards Gunnison...
  8. Biffa

    Florida vacation... advice required

    Hi guys, We are heading to Central Florida from the UK for New Year vacation and hoping to pick up some goodies like a sena bluetooth headset and maybe some kevlar jeans while we are there. Can anyone recommend any retailers or dealers we should visit in and around the Orlando area...
  9. FZ1riderNY

    GenI Makes The Cover

    Got home this evening to find the new Cycle Gear Circular and didn't notice til I got upstairs that it's a GenI on the cover. Pretty cool.