1. ghetto_d

    FP Racing Levers for 2nd Gen

    FP Racing Brake & Clutch Levers (adjustable) for FZ1 06+ $110 shipped OBO Long length. Pewter lever color with natural/silver adjuster color. Basically perfect condition, with a couple slight marks in points of contact - nothing visible. Only one season of use.
  2. Delta

    Clutch noise?

    Hi guys just a quick one. I’m wondering if any of you have had this noise.. So the bike runs ok through the gears, up and down etc. When I’m stationary and pull in the clutch and put it into 1st gear it’s fine. When I start to let the clutch out as the load goes on and the bike starts to...
  3. Delta

    Fz1 clutch cable swap.

    Hi guys I need some advice on the clutch cable. I have a fz-1 N 2006- on model. I have changed the risers and the metal bend in the cable near the clutch lever gets in the way. Do any of you know of another clutch cable from another bike that fits and does not have that metal bend on it...
  4. B

    clutch slip between 1st and 2nd

    I have a 2009 with only 8000km/5000miles and when I accelerate hard when I shift first to second there seems to be a phase in of the clutch grabbing. I don't notice it in other gears but definitely in 1-2. It seems to be a few seconds where the revs pick up then slow down as the clutch catches...
  5. Stefman7222

    Clutch switch connector

    Hey! Does anyone know where I can get just the black plastic female end connector of the wires that plugs INTO the clutch switch? ( for gen1) The plastic locking tab broke off and now the connector won't stay locked into the switch. I've tried looking at Yamaha parts websites without any...
  6. K-FZ1-02

    Drive train play, lag

    I have recently purchased a 2002 FZS10 (numbers, according to the insurance form). I am troubled by what is a 60 degree lag (at the clutch) in the drive train. What I am describing is that with the clutch apart and simply the boss and shaft free and the motor in first gear, there is a 60 degree...
  7. Rx_FZ1

    HELP! Loud clattering noise

    I could really use some help diagnosing this new very loud noise my 06 is making. On a recent ride on the interstate running between 80-90mph I had 6th gear fall out on me into a false neutral. It didn't drop into 5th but would drop out of 6th and hit the rev limiter. I pulled in the clutch and...
  8. C

    05 fz1 dry clutch basket and plates!! What mods fix this??

    Tried a search and nothing.....can I buy an aftermarket clutch basket? Or drill extra holes in oem basket?
  9. Blanchy

    Ball Bearing Clutch pivot

    Don't ask why. Just because I can and it can't hurt. Purchased some 6mm ID 10mm OD 3mm width ball Bearing races cost under $10 and fitted them with a small spacer 9mm to my clutch pivot today. Feels smooth and will test ride tomorrow.
  10. J

    Minor Accident - Running rough

    Hello All. Last Monday, I was leaving work during rush hour. I was on the highway stop and go. The traffic opened up eventually. I was cruising around 45 - 55 MPH. All of the sudden, the pickup truck had to lock up brakes in front of me due to idiot ahead of him. This caught me off guard...
  11. F

    issue with fz1 clutch

  12. ferraiolo1

    2003 fz1 for sale

    Due to new home ownership priorities I have decided to sell my FZ, I just don't ride it anymore. Bike has 50k miles on it, I have owned is since it had 8k on it and was stock. Oil has been changed religiously every 2k miles with a K&N oil filter and yamalube conventional. In the middle of last...
  13. W

    clutch problems

    when my bike warms up the clutch dont fully open making changing gear hard to do. why would this happen?
  14. D

    Clutch cable issue

    The small rubber boot at the clutch end of the cable is cooked. It is sticky and started decomposing. The cable otherwise seems perfectly functional (the bike, a 2003 FZ1, has 13,000 miles). I do not want to replace the cable now, but I am concerned that without the boot, water could get in the...
  15. Chandler

    Who has a clutch review for me? Mine needs replacing

    I need to replace my clutch assembly. I haven't inspected the basket at all. I am going to go ahead and buy a gasket, plates, springs, etc. But.. What brand? EBC is typically safe. But I also saw this: Outlaw Racing Kevlar Complete Clutch Kit Steel Yamaha FZ1 FZ1-N Fazer 2006-2012...
  16. silentg

    what exactly does this do????

    ok, so on the clutch side there is this which is obviously a switch but what does it do and what is supposed to move the plunger?
  17. R

    Problems with my clutch cable?

    Hello All, I have problems with my clutch cable on my FZ1-N 2007. I have disassmbled my clutch cable to clean it because it worked verry heavy. Then i assembled it back and it worked perfect. But last saturday I drove my bike on wet condiscions and yes my clutch is verry heavy again...
  18. R

    600mile n first service

    well it took a week , but shes done 600 or so miles and is back in the dealers for her 1st service and clutch tweak , the fz1n is a serious toy ady
  19. a7x3797

    What's the best way to break in a new clutch?

    As the title describes... Im replacing the clutch on my 2008 in a few weeks, what oil should I start with... I have heard stay away from Full Synth. until it breaks in, is this true? Also how long should I go before the first oil change on the new clutch? And lastly, any tips for the clutch...
  20. a7x3797

    Recommend a Clutch Kit

    Ive burnt my clutch over this summer and its time for replace.. There are millions of opinions out there on what to get, but i'd like to hear a few more. What should I get OEM, Kevlar, Carbon? they all seem to have their ups and downs but I hope some of you can speak from experience. I...