1. W

    FZ1 weird buzzing from chain/front sprocket/gearbox

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, sorry if I missed any posting rules. So, the problem is: recently I've noticed a weird buzzing sound coming from the front sprocket area. The first time was when I was riding. Mostly at 2-3-4th gears, when the engine's load is sort of synced with the constant...
  2. Y

    Bike struggles to pull, wont go over 3000 rpm

    Hello guys! Just changed the clutch wire, everything was cool for a few days (little bit too long but adjusted it now when i reopened to see whats going on). Yesterday I was driving it and it keeps making sound like I am driving a tractor or a crosser not a 1k bike (loud PRRRRRRRR) and...
  3. silentcropduster

    WTB: gen2 OEM sprockets (17t/45t) and stock size chain (530 pitch, 122 link)

    I'm in need of a new chain, might as well do the sprockets too while I'mm at it. Before I buy it from somewhere else, might anyone have brand new OEM size counter sprocket, rear sprocket, or chain that they are looking to get rid of? I know it's a long shot but LMK - thanks!
  4. delbert

    Chain noise

    Hi Any one find their drive chain noisey ? Just replaced mine with sprockets and I think it seems to whine more than before ,, only explanation I can think of would be due to the amount of crud I removed from inside the front casing acting as a sound barrier.. Any other noisey chains out...
  5. R

    Cam Chain Life/Replacement Schedule?

    I can't find anything in the Owners Manual (granted I skimmed) about the replacement interval on the Cam Chain itself. I'm up to 112,xxx miles and it's starting to clatter a bit. I figure it's probably due for a Cam Chain replacement and a Cam Chain Adjuster replacement. Anyone know the...
  6. ghetto_d

    Chain question before purchase

    OK guys, so this winter I'm finally going to do the 520 conversion. bike still only has 10k miles on it, but i'm ready to upgrade the drive system. much to my dismay, I've been hearing that 122 links is the number needed. I'm sticking pretty close to factory tooth count (-1 front; rear stock)...
  7. EISTO

    Gen II sprocket side wear: running out of ideas

    My Gen II tends to wear the sprockets unevenly; the front sprocket gets worn on the side facing the engine but not on the opposite side. Now, I know this is textbook evidence of misaligned sprockets. The question is what type of misalignment and what is causing it. I've thought of 3 options so...
  8. RangerG

    Cam Alignment Help

    So, I dove into a valve check on my ’08. Adjusted 6 exhaust shims and went to put things back together. Being an idiot and not following instructions, I turned the crank without the cam chain tensioner in place and the chain jumped on the sprockets. I don’t want to face reality but I...
  9. PredatorFZ1

    Chain Lube

    I would like to know what kind of chain Lube everyone is running and why. I have been using Motul since I bought my bike last year but I am not impressed to say the least with it. It was the only chain Lube at the local Motorcycle shop at the time so that is what I used. I have been thinking...
  10. Morgstang

    EK ZZZ Lightweight 520 120 Link Chrome Chain...

    One of the better chains out there...holes in the side plates are for weight reduction and cooling...had a 122 link chain on my FZ and thought i would be ok with a 120 by just moving the axle didnt fit...its a new chain and was only fitted to bike to find out it didnt...
  11. H

    16-47 Gearing, 02 FZ1

    Its time to replace the chain on my 02 FZ1 and I want to gear it down slightly as well. According to the gearing commander calculations going down 1 tooth in the front (15-44) would be an ideal setup. However I'd rather not run a smaller countershaft sprocket because it will accelerate wear on...
  12. J

    Oil leak help ----- Newbie

    I just bought my 2001 FZ1 about a month ago for a fairly cheap price. It has high mileage as well. I started to notice small drops of oil on the ground when I parked it in my garage. I took off the chain cover and this is what I see. Bottom Any advice will be helpful since I...
  13. Lupin

    Timing chain noise.

    I think my chain is starting to get noisy. When you shut the engine down you can hear a rattle. From time to time I hear it when riding. Anyone else have a similar noise?
  14. R

    Clunk when shifting into first/clutch noise

    Okay guys I finally got my 2013 FZ1 back on the road. It was a project bike I bought that had been laid over and bent the forks and did a little cosmetic damage. Bike has 3400 miles on it. Anyways, when shifting from neutral to first after starting the bike up I get a nice big clunk. I'm...
  15. n.e.mich

    chain and sprockets

    The FZ1 my friend bought had a new chain and rear sprocket, unfortunately its a 47 tooth rear (unsure of front) that he hates, as I suspected. I didn't care for it when I test rode it. Anyone have stock parts not being used? Thanks, Wayne
  16. javahaxxor

    The gearing thread

    A lot of people have questions about gearing, whether to change it or not, change the front versus the rear, what works with the stock chain, etc. I'll start by adding what I know and will soon be adding some more, as information becomes available. Feel free to add information. I'll add it to...
  17. I

    Grinding noise?

    2003 FZ! 30k miles. Its on the left side crankcase area. It almost sounds like a chain running over a gritty chain guide or a dirty loose chain going over a sprocket, but really loud. Could it be a bearing inside the case going bad? It seems to do it during certain conditions. What I mean by...
  18. ballmead

    Which 530 chain?

    I'm starting to see the tell tale red marks in my chain, so I need some recommendations for a new chain. I want to stick with the stock 530 pitch and was thinking about going an EK ZZZ? Overkill? Any other recommendations? I'm going to need at least 124 links as I will be running -1 +2...
  19. BDazzler

    Chain and sprocket suggestions/help

    Hey guys, I've just hit over 23,000 miles and my chain looks to need replacing. I admit I haven't cleaned it as often as I should have. I'm sure others have made it much longer. Anyway, I just wanted some advise on what chain and sprockets I should use. I want to keep the stock gearing. I'm sure...
  20. V

    DID 50VM (AKA 530VM) master link needed

    I was just replacing the stock chain on my '03 with a brand new DID 530VM (also known as 50VM) chain I bought a few years back, and I cracked the tip of one of the pins on the master link when I was riveting it. Based on what I read here, it looks like you can't get new master links for that...