1. Klurejr

    Road Rage on 78 Freeway east bound in Oceanside yesterday

    Just a regular commute home and traffic is always slow in this spot due to the loss of a lane. When it slowed a lot up ahead I figured it was an accident and could see a man out of his car. Then I saw the Ford Escape, go up on 2 wheels and tip over. You can even hear the little SUV hitting the...
  2. Klurejr

    Hit n Run on my 2003 FZ1

    2 Days ago I was leaving work and when I walked down to the Motorcycle parking in the Garage I noticed from a distance my bike was leaning on the kickstand instead of being up on the center stand.... I normally put it on the center stand because it takes up less space, making it easier for the...
  3. lytehouse

    One Lucky Rider!

    This should be posted on the "Holy 5hit" sub forum! I just wished it explained how he ended up on the car like that
  4. H

    What kind of wax to use on plastics that are painted (rear fender, front fairing)

    looking to take my fz to the wash this week, and wax it up using regular car wax on the tank but not sure what to use on the painted plastics. Trying to see what you guys use. 'Thanks!
  5. Klurejr

    Time Lapse Commute - Lane Splitting is awesome

    Here is a video I put together yesterday of a commute from a typical Rush Hour evening home commute. 34 miles from door to door Just under an hour on the bike Would have been an hour n a half or longer in a car. Also I am very proud of how the music...
  6. Bluey

    Coolant Recommendations

    It's time to replace the coolant in my FZ1S. The manual is not very specific on the type to use. It just says to use an Ethylene Glycol with corrosion inhibitors for aluminium engines. On a previous post it was recommended not to use car coolant but a quick check in the local car part shop shows...
  7. Klurejr

    Sudden Oil Leak

    Hey guys, My Gen 1 developed an oil leak out of the blue this week. Yesterday when I started her up in the morning I noticed a burning oil smell and saw a small puddle under the bike, oil was slowly dripping onto the headers. I did not have time to take my car to work so i just rode it down...
  8. Klurejr

    Just another Horribly Distracted Driver

    This happened yesterday on my ride to work. Oblivious Driver on the freeway - YouTube Off in LaLa land yet behind the wheel of a 3500lb car.