1. N

    New to forum and just went nuts on my 1st Gen what do you think?

    Purchased a 2002 that was traded in at my dealership last year, drove it a bit and fell in love!!! Started my super moto build this spring
  2. S

    07 Fz1: Flat spot 5k - 7k

    Just bought a 07 Fz1 and was wondering if i am right that this is just how they come by default with quite lumpy fueling between 5 and 7k ? and would a power commander smooth this out? im very confused about what i need if this is the case, is the cheaper fuel controller enough to do what I...
  3. A

    My Loan bike MT10-SP

    To cut the long story short the MT10-SP is great modern bike with loads of toys, but I think i'll keep my FZ1N for a bit longer.
  4. A

    Over Revving

    I stupidly allowed my 74 yr old Aunt to Rev my bike from a cold start. And more stupidly I watched her do it! Check the video What damage do you think this has caused. It may be just in my head but i think exhaust sounds a bit louder, the...
  5. A

    Over Revving

    I stupidly allowed my 74 yr old Aunt to Rev my bike from a cold start. And more stupidly I watched her do it! Check the video What damage do you think this has caused. It may be just in my head but i think exhaust sounds a bit louder, the...
  6. B

    Newb with Exhaust Question

    Just brought this one home 2 weeks ago. A 2012 Gen 2 with Scorpion slip-on and Renthal bars and only about 3500 miles when purchased. Enjoying the crap out of it thus far. Never owned a Yamaha street bike before nor a 4 and this one's a gem certainly. Couple quick questions. 1) Previous...
  7. R

    Buddy gave me a slip on for my bike's 1st MOD!

    It is a danmoto carbon GP. it has a few scratches on it but otherwise is in fair condition he said it is a fairly loud cheapo he got on amazon. I said "fairly loud is OK, THANKS!" (not sure what he has now but it sounds GREAT!) installation is straight forward although the midpipe would not...
  8. Dustin

    Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light

    I recently purchased and installed a pair of Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail lights. These are OEM replacements for 7443 bulbs and are not touted as bigger or brighter but have a 12 year life guarantee, consume less power and offer the 'instant on' of LED lights. I was...
  9. Klurejr

    2007 VStar 1100 Touring Exhaust mod After pulling the Exhaust off the bike recently to change the rear tire I noticed the Screens were very close to the side of the can that connects up to the bike. I went to a friends shop where we fabricated a longer shaft for some drill bits to cut holes through...
  10. Dustin

    2017 sv650

    Suzuki Cycles - News - 2015 - 11 - 2017 SV650 Suzuki has brought the SV650 name back. It's really just the Gladius with a round headlight and a few changes but it looks like they really put some effort into refining that lovely engine a bit more. I like it!
  11. R

    My new to me Gen 1

    I haven't posted much on here so I thought I would start a thread about my bike. Its a 2002 that I purchased off of the orig owner about 3 months ago with 12000 miles on it. It was 100% stock with only one exception the seat was worked on a bit by his brother. Anyway I have been doing mods...
  12. C

    Let me take a moment to introduce myself...

    Hey all, I have been a member for about 2 months but have not officially introduced myself. My name is Brandon and I have recently become an owner of a 2006 FZ1. I got the bike for a steal at $3300 on CL. It already had a Scorpion slip on, PCIII, BMC filter and the guy through in two helmets...
  13. lytehouse

    Guanella Pass, CO

    John & I rode up today to check out some fall colors :) Still trying to figure out what I did here. I was going into a corner, I know it was a bit hot, but I never felt like I was out of control, and never drifted out of my lane, but then I heard this scraping...
  14. loosenut

    Fresh chip seal.

    Here's a short video of the chip seal they put on the east side of Mt. Hamilton. It was still a bit gravelly.
  15. lytehouse

    Another Colorado Ride

    So my son came home from Florida and we set out on a quick little 4 day/3 night ride. He hasn't been on a bike in about 3 years or so since he sold his FZ1 when he moved to Fla. Luckily, we have an extra bike in the garage that he could borrow.... We headed out Monday morning towards Gunnison...
  16. B

    Radiator overflowing

    Hi all, I had a small accident, laid it down on the street, but didn't hit anything with it. Most of the damage is to the fairing, plus a bent handlebar and dented tank. It's been a few weeks, so I thought I'd start her up, get the water out and charge the battery a bit (I don't have a...
  17. Dicko

    Rear ended

    Motorcyclist rear ended in pile up (Rear Ended) I don't think I'd be as cool as this guy if this happened to me. Watch motorcyclists miracle escape after being rear ended by a car The rider got off OK, but the lady 2 cars back looks in a bit of pain.
  18. ballmead

    Motorcycle leather scuff repairs?

    Has anyone here repaired scuffs on their motorcycle leathers? I have an old set of scuffed leathers (black) that I'd like to make look a bit nicer. What do you use to repaint the scuffed area?
  19. W

    seat questions

    Right, kids here we go Im not much of a forum person but have been reading and watching for a while now and have spent some time reading and learned a thing or two anyway to the point. Had my gen 2 'n' since may now and I bloody love it shes just about everything I like in a bike but there is...
  20. 2

    Naked and clean.

    The old FZ hadn't had a good wash for a while.