1. P

    Hello From Torbay Newfoundland

    Just picked up this 2008 on Sunday. Always wanted an FZ1 just never came across the right deal. It only has 14000km on it and its all stock. Needs a set of tires and I'm gonna put a new set of brake pads on it for my own peace of mind and an oil change. Looking forward to putting some miles on...
  2. bewarethefuzz

    ECU Swap help

    Couple of ECU questions for those in the know about swaps. Particularly red key/immobiliser equipped bikes and black key/non-immobiliser bikes. 1. Is the ECU matched to the bike for the red key bikes? It looks like it from the parts fiche pics attached. 2. If it is matched and the flashed...
  3. Methanol

    FZ1S In OZ

    G'day riders Didn't find the intro page at first, have now so I'll say hello to everyone and share a bit of background. My first ride was at 5 years old on a paddock bike. A 1950s British something (Excelsior?) step thru. Chasing the older cousins around the paddock and hoping to get a ride...
  4. S

    New member from Leicestershire UK

    Hello all, Got the 2008 FZ1S month ago been riding 40 odd years mainly sports bikes. A love of beer and pies means I'm not the right shape for sports bikes any more, but seems I have found for me the best of both worlds in the FZ1S.
  5. B

    2014 FZ1 for Sale

    Crashed 2014 FZ1 for Sale I'm selling a crashed 2014 FZ1. The bikes has 600 miles on it and as you can see from the pictures, the front end needs to be replaced. The tank is dented but does not leak, no damage to the motor or side cases and the bikes runs and starts up just fine. The bike is...
  6. R

    Looking at 2014 Yamaha FZ1 (new) vs FZ 09 or Suzuki GSX -S750Z

    I am looking at a left over 2014 Yamaha FZ1 (new) was bought out from another dealer. From all of the other discussions everyone seems to rave about the FZ07 and FZ09 and the FZ1 seems to be left out (very difficult to find reviews and/or owner videos of likes/dislikes). I am a long time mx...
  7. FZ1inTX

    Brenda's BMW F 700 GS

    I was searching the forum for your GS Brenda and only found the initial pic. Can you please post a review, new pics, the mods you've done, etc? A few of you know I'm looking for a new ride for my wife. All the searches for a proper sport bike for the vertically challenged all point back to...
  8. Erci

    FS: geezer mirror hole block off plates - Gen 2 (2006-current)

    These have sat in my basement for nearly 5 years. Bike's gone now.. no sense to keep'em. These are for Gen 2 (2006-current) $40 shipped.
  9. Z

    FZ1N from the netherlands

    Hello I'm zrxjoker from the Netherlands Last week I traded my zrx1100 from 2001 in for a FZ1N from 2007. What a big difference between those 2 bikes, I loved how the zrx handled, but this is much better.
  10. J

    Relay arm length on 2007 Yamaha FZ1

    Hey guys. I just bought an 07 Yamaha FZ1; it was lowered by the previous owner with a fabricated, adjustable relay arm. Does anyone know the length of the relay arm? Also can anyone post a picture of the Triangle part (no 23) and the relay arm (no 24) as in the attached picture,so I know how...
  11. S

    Asking for help

    Hey guys I know I'm not around much anymore, but as some of you know I opened up my own bike repair shop. Last thing you want to do after wrenching on bikes for 8-10 hours is go online and talk about wrenching on bikes. Anyway my older sister went to the ER last week and found out she has...
  12. daddyRuss

    New FZ1 owner

    Hey gang, Been lurking here for a while. Now I finally picked up a new (to me) 2008 FZ1. Can't wait to put some serious miles on her. By the way, I named my previous bikes Zorayda, Daphne and Francesca. Now I need suggestions for this one :)
  13. SteadyEddie


    Will the gen 2 rims fit the gen 1 bikes?
  14. fazertazer1

    preventative maintenance

    So with it being winter here in michigan with snow on the ground im gonna do a pm on my bike while im not riding it. One of the things im going to do is change my plugs. I normally run ngks in all my toys. Just wondering if any of you guys have found a specific plug that the gen 2s like or what...
  15. S

    2016 Calendar is ready! Order now!!!

    Hey everyone. I was we do a calendar? I personally would love to have one (and wouldn't mind paying of course!). Other forums i've been on over the years, car, bikes etc. Seem to rally up pictures of members vehicles from over the year (like a vehicle of the month, but in our...
  16. R

    First Post

    Hey y'all. I'm a long time rider from Canada. Been on bikes since I was 5, way back in 1981. I've owned several bikes, mostly Yamahas. I currently have a 2006 R1 which I bought new and a 2008 FZ1. I'm a nutter, like to ride fast and do wheelies when the time is right. Almost always ride in full...
  17. P

    HElla, new here

    hi just wanted to say hello :) I've had loads of bikes including bandit 1200, aprillia tuono, vs trim 1000 amongst others and I am picking up my 2008 fz1 this weekend :) I've not ridden one and never bought a bike I haven't ridden before so I'm hoping they are good !! On another note some...
  18. mrjessehlee

    bye bye FZ1N

    Ive just sold my bike on. torn apart between these two bikes. Completely different end of scale I know. Which one do I get? just in terms of "cool factor" which ones more cool to you?
  19. S

    Curious what the weight of a 2007 FZ1? different websites say different weights

    Just curious if anyone has weighed their bikes? Thanks!!!
  20. ballmead

    Best of Motorcycles 2 YouTube Video

    Here is another awesome Motorcycle video by Jaco. It's got everything including road bikes, dirt bikes, stunting, road racing, MotoGP etc. If you've got a spare 20 or so minutes to kill, it's well worth a look.