1. M

    2005 upper cowling

    Hey, I was out for a ride Sunday on a back country road when an ATV came out of the woods and cut across in front of me. The upper cowling is toast, the radiator cover is busted and my rear brake lever is bent, can likely straighten it. i have had this bike a while and want to get it back to the...
  2. J

    Off then on throttle lag 5k-6krpm

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice... My bike following having the throttle bodies out and a ECU remap has a lag and a backfire between 5-6k rpm, but only when i come completely off throttle and then back on. All other rev ranges are ok. I previously decat the pipe, mivv suono end can and Lars...
  3. A

    Hello from Sussex.

    Hi everyone and merry Xmas. I currently own a Honda Blackbird but am planning on getting an FZ1 in the new year. Looking forward to getting some handy information and hopefully I can give something back. Cheers all.
  4. A

    Hello from Sussex.

    Hi everyone and merry Xmas. I currently own a Honda Blackbird but am planning on getting an FZ1 in the new year. Looking forward to getting some handy information and hopefully I can give something back. Cheers all.
  5. W

    Miss Firing like dirty fuel?

    Hello Lads, My FZ1 (2008) has been in the garage for a couple of weeks and was running fine when I left it - started it today and its not firing on 4 cylinders ... removed the plugs and they look perfect - (brown not black - not oily - gap good) cleaned with wire brush and WD40 on the Plug...
  6. D

    Starting Issue

    The other day I was riding my 2004 FZ1 and on the lower RPMs it felt like it wasn't running on all 4. I decided (very stupidly) to tear into the carbs and clean them up. When I put it all back together, I tried to start it and it ran for about half a second, then died, tried again and there was...
  7. Phanatic

    Tommy's FZ1 '06 Build

    Hello Guys, Hereby an introduction of myself and the build of my FZ1 '06. I'm Tom from Belgium, owned an Aprilia SXV 550, until I realized that it's not the right bike to do all sort of cruising or long distance riding (nor is it reliabale as a Japanses bike.) So I sold it and didn't...
  8. Chameleon

    wtb gen II aftermarket parts after crash.

    So I got in an accident on Friday. I was extremely lucky as I was side swiped by a semi (not even kidding). I was very fortunate to escape with a mild concussion and a sprained shoulder and my 07 fz1 also escaped with not taking a ton of damage. That being said, I am in the hunt for a few...
  9. FZ1inTX

    Bye Purple Harley Eater....

    We finally found a buyer for the purple beast. He came over last night and bought it... absolutely loved it and might even keep it Purple. I gave him links to the forums as well as the FB page so it might turn up in a few places if he does social media. He got a great deal on it as I priced...
  10. M

    FZ-1 vs FZ-10 on the track

    I have been riding my 2009 FZ1 on the street for 6 years, and also on the track for the last year. I had an opportunity to ride the FZ10 at the track through Yamaha demo days, which I was excited to do to see if it would be the eventual replacement for my FZ1. I'd like to see if my experience...
  11. james3289

    Grab rail?

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a grab rail for a 2011 FZ1-N. I've tried two renntec rails now and both of them don't allow the seat to go back on! What other options do I have? Thanks in advance.
  12. Dustin

    Bridgestone Canada & USA $50 Rebate Promo - February 12 - March 31, 2017

    The Bridgestone rebate is back from February 12 to March 31st and applies to the the following tires: $50 Battlax Hypersport S21 Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO Battlax Racing Street RS10 $20 Battlecross X10 Battlecross X20 Battlecross X30 Battlecross X40 Bridgestone M59 Visit...
  13. Bogie

    Guess who's Back!!!

    Hey guys and gals!!! Long time no post!! Back on 2 wheels with my 2017 FZ10!!! OMG!! This bike is amazing!!!
  14. T

    SOS 09 FZ1 engine cutting!

    I have owned my 09 Yamaha FZ1 Sy for more than a year now. I picker her up with 8k on the clock, it delightful condition, and have since put a further 11k on the clock. Never any problems whatsoever after first changing the battery, and later on the tyres, oil and filter changes at regular...
  15. ghetto_d

    Tank / Tail bag

    --SOLD-- I have a convertable tank / tail bag that came with a bike I bought. It is used, but in great condition. I've never used it myself... It's black with blue. Fabric, kind of a braided nylon, like a back pack. Made by t-bags. Has magnetic tank flaps that tuck away. Has Nylon straps to hold...
  16. Blanchy

    Greek Belly Pan/Engine Spoiler

    They popped back up on my saved ebay search. Yamaha FZ1 High Quality Engine Spoiler New | eBay
  17. R

    First Gen Unsteady Idle

    It seems my idle is not as steady as it should be. Synced the carbs, set the tps, and even ran seafoam thinking the pilot jets could be clogged. Tach needle seems to hold steady and then maybe fall by 100 rpms then goes back up but this is not a constant cycle. I have a two brothers slip on with...
  18. PredatorFZ1

    A couple more mods

    Well I got my ECU back from getting it flashed by Vcyclenut and installed my Graves Velocity stacks along with changing the light bulbs out to Philips Xtreme Vision Moto today. I am very happy with my choice to go with Vcyclenut for my ECU flash. The turn around time was great he received the...
  19. PredatorFZ1

    PipeWerx R-11 Slip-on Exhaust

    DHL delivered my PipeWerx exhaust today. I had this exhaust custom made to the length I wanted and I am happy with how it turned out. I would have taken some video of what it sounds like but my ECU is out getting reflashed at the moment, once it gets back I will take a video clip. The shipping...
  20. R

    Help, changed fork fluid, can't adjust compr/rebound now

    Okay guys well I changed my fork oil yesterday and everything went well and dandy until I got the forks back on the bike and went to adjust the rebound and compression and realized I cannot turn either screw either way. I obviously did not have the cap adjusted right when I reinstalled it. I...