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  1. cos_fz1

    16 tooth front sprocket, Yamaha OEM

    ********The Item is no longer available ************ I have a never opened Yamaha OEM 16 tooth front sprocket, part number: 4XV-17460-00-00 that I am not going to use. Just shoot me a check for maybe $8 shipping and I will drop it in the mail for you. Thanks Peter
  2. cos_fz1

    2009 FZ1 set up for touring for sale - Colorado

    Bike is sold
  3. cos_fz1

    Sold bike last night

    I sold my bike last night. Currently, my train of thought is to get a bike that is more suited to touring...will have to see where that leads to. I may wait until spring/summer next year to get something. I am even thinking of a ccc....cccc...cruiser, there I said it :) This is a great...
  4. cos_fz1

    Coolant drain plug broke

    So, I drained and flushed the coolant in my 2008 FZ1. I finger tightened the coolant drain plug bolt and was just starting to tighten it some more with the socket and the bolt head broke off in the socket. The bolt was not cross threaded, the bolt just broke off. I had just barely started to...
  5. cos_fz1

    Coolant change questions on Gen II

    I am looking for some input on changing the coolant on my bike. I can see what appears to be a coolant drain bolt on the clutch side and I assume that needs to be removed and the radiator cap. Here is what I am thinking of doing: 1. With the bike cold, remove the drain bolt and the...
  6. cos_fz1

    Ear plugs I am liking

    I recently got a pair of these ear plugs off ebay and like them. They reduce a lot of noise if that is what you are after. Sonic Defenders<sup>®</sup> <i>Plus</i> from SureFire
  7. cos_fz1

    Good deal on an 2008 FZ1 in Denver area

    I am not selling this bike but it looks like a great deal if you are in the Denver area: 2008 Yamaha FZ1 exc cond
  8. cos_fz1

    Have you tried a Windjammer on your helmet?

    I am trying to get rid of some noise from riding and wondered if any of you have tried this Windjammer product and if so, what your input is? Motorcycle Helmet Wind Blocker - webBikeWorld Windjammer II | Ankle Support | Back Support | Knee Support | Face Masks | Supports and Braces for all...
  9. cos_fz1

    What is the impact of sprocket changes?

    Everyone rides their bike a little differently. I am looking for input on what different sprockets do to the bike, to decide if I want to change sprockets. Do you change the actual sprocket size larger or smaller for the front or the back or is it just a change in the number of teeth on the...
  10. cos_fz1

    For Sale: Stock screen for GEN 2

    I recently purchased a Cee Baileys screen and have decided to sell my stock screen. Price is $20 plus shipping. The attached picture have both the stock and Cee Baileys screen. The stock screen is in good shape. This screen is coming off a bike that had about 2300 miles at the time the...
  11. cos_fz1

    What are you hoping happens with the NFL lockout?

    I have been a Cowboys fan since I was about 6. I would not mind the NFL going down the toilet if that is what happens.
  12. cos_fz1

    Looking for jacket advice (non leather)

    I am looking for suggestions for a jacket. I had a Honda jacket that I just sold on Craigslist. I really liked the jacket but you know, it was a Honda jacket and it had Honda emblems etc. Yes,l I had a Honda at one time. Most people probably did not even know I was riding an FZ1 with a Honda...
  13. cos_fz1

    Replacing grips, do you use glue or not?

    I am replacing grips for the first time. I see some people use glue on the new grips and some people just use soap and water or nothing at all. What do you do?
  14. cos_fz1

    How often should you get a new helmet to make sure it's safe?

    I am wondering what considerations you use for use for thinking you need a new helmet? Is there any logic to how many hours a helmet should be worn before replacing it? I would think dropping a helmet frequently would impact the ability for the helmet to protect you in a fall...
  15. cos_fz1

    Comparison photo of Cee Bailey screen with stock

    This is the clear 20" Cee Bailey screen compared to the stock, thought it might be helpful for someone comparing the two.
  16. cos_fz1

    My new to me 2008 FZ!

    Just changed the oil last night. The Cee Bailey screen came in this morning. The previous owner had put on flush mount blinkers on the front, frame sliders, a FE and integrated brake and signals on the tail. Tony (njfz1) found it and let me know about it. :thewave::cloud9:
  17. cos_fz1

    Do you change your oil based on miles or time?

    I bought a 2008 FZ1 about a week ago, love the bike. The bike only has about 2000 miles on it. The only oil change has been at 600 miles. The manual says the next oil change should be at 4000 miles or 6 months. I don't know when the oil change at 600 miles happened. I am wondering if I...
  18. cos_fz1

    Bike I am going to look at tomorrow

    I don't have a bike currently but am thinking of getting another FZ1. This is a bike I am going to look at tomorrow: 2007 Yamaha FZ1
  19. cos_fz1

    So you think you know how to ride a bike?

    They are not motorbikes, but this is a link to some young women that have some real talent riding bicycles
  20. cos_fz1

    Funny Politician Video, responding to safety of Oil Tankers (ships)

    Are you kidding me? You got to watch this, its a good laugh :) YouTube - Australian Politician Interview