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  1. DirtyD

    Office Space

    We all work so we can support our bikes, women and lets see your Office Space...mine changes frequently...
  2. DirtyD

    Won't go past 60

    So today I got to ride and basically first time since the mods, no performance mods just cosmetic...and as I was riding on the bypass it is 65mph, the bike will stop speeding at 60mph and will revv the RPM's after that The RPM's do go all the way up fast but slowly rise up and you can hear it...
  3. DirtyD

    My FZ1S-N

    Finally have the bike put back together....Had some powdercoating done and new paint(thanks dad) and some new cosmetics...White Spiegler brake lines, FDB levers, bikemaster arrowhead mirrors, vehicle vinyl wrapped forks, roland Sans risers, Renthal handlebars... Let me know what ya think..I...
  4. DirtyD

    Clutch problem

    FIXED IT!!!!! The small bolt that clams the shift linkage to the threaded rod for the gears came out and lost...I will find one to fit... So I installed fdb brake and clutch levers and the brake side is great the clutch side is kinda tight..not real tight....but tight and it will not loosen...
  5. DirtyD

    My other hobby

    I have gotten obsessed with a new hobby thats been taking up all my money the past year....I love craft and microbrewed beer so I decided I'm gonna brew it myself.. I'm doing extract right now in 5 gallon batches but am gathering all the parts and equipment for all grain single tier brewstand...
  6. DirtyD

    Naked conversion, cheap option

    I saw this while browsing ebay, its in california, and only 30 bucks...I'ts different but if someone want to go completely naked its a cheaper option... LED HEAD LIGHT STREETFIGHTER YAMAHA FZR FAZOR FZ6 FZ1 YZF R1 R6 TTR WR YZF YZ TT | eBay
  7. DirtyD

    Triple clamp

    How do you remove...I am wanting it powder coated... I removed the nut with a 1/14 socket and the 2 Allen keys and tried to tap it off with a mallet but no luck...please tell me
  8. DirtyD

    My Fz1N

    I am waiting on to send my mirrors....and then the bike is gonna go all white with some carbon fiber accents...this is hoe she sits today! Sent from my EVO 4G using Tapatalk
  9. DirtyD

    Forum vinyl graphics

    If you don't know I work in the sign business..I am 26 amd have been in the industry since I was 15. I do side work and have some equipment at home and the programs at home... with all the forum gear comming out I would like to make a sticker for the rear windshield of your car, van, etc...
  10. DirtyD

    New Paint

    ok ...I'm not a picture taker so these arnt really that good
  11. DirtyD

    check engine light

    I put my bike back together after paint...I will post pics of some process pics and finishend here soon...but I am a retard sometimes...the bike seems to run fine but I get an engine light...I lift the tank because I remember seeing a connector unplugged and thought it was from my PC3...
  12. DirtyD

    Bike apart!

    I've been gone for a while, hi bike is all tore apart for paint...just curious what you guys would do to your bike if yours were? Service, maitennce kind of stuff...thanks all
  13. DirtyD

    Port-A-Pit Chicken Recipe

    Here is a recipe that I use....I soak for a hour and base the hell out of it because it will try to dry out..... 2cups water 2cups vinegar 1/4 cup worschire 1 cup salt 1stick butter....melted Combine in a bowl and there you have is really good even tho it sounds like a heart attack...
  14. DirtyD

    Paint Scheme

    This is kinda what I'm going for....What do you guys thinks? Yes I know....I'm F'ng awesome at photoshop thanks in advance....LOL NOT...Hey I tried Here is the one I really think I'm gonna do....It's based of of the FZ1 Abarth
  15. DirtyD

    my tire ahhhh

    here is a pic of my rear tire with a nail in it.....the nail is about 2.5 in long....ipulled the naill and checked air pressure....added alittle to front and rear and it has no leaks....i rechecked air an hr later and still same you think its ok still or should i replace?
  16. DirtyD

    Euro PCIII maps

    On the power comm!nder website they have a map that says European model ,, Arrow exhaust no baffle stock or aftermarket filter was wondering if I can use that on my US version
  17. DirtyD

    O2 Sensor?

    Ok so I got my slip-on, gutted cat, Airbox mod, removed flies, ais blockoff and now a PC III, I see alot of guys disconnecting the O2 sensor do I have to with the PCIII and How do I do it... thanks a ton
  18. DirtyD

    My Arrow Exhaust

    I just recieved my Arrow Special Parts Exhaust, I love it and knew I would! Here is a couple quick pics and youtube video! Let me know what ya think YouTube - Arrow Exhaust '07 FZ1