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  1. Octupi

    AMA Racing - Mid-Ohio

    Rode to Mid-Ohio today to watch the AMA races. I only went today, skipped yesterday, to much to do. It was a nice 80 mile ride to it, mostly slab but was able to run a good pace, no popo's on the way there. Met an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while so we agreed to meet and go to the...
  2. Octupi

    Just a quick photo

    Was out today hoping for a nice sunset w/ clouds we had all day. It didn't pan out as the clouds disappeared, therefore I grabbed this shot and headed for home.
  3. Octupi

    Need a Bike Accessory like this

    World's favorite motorcycle rider? - Top Speed You know you all want to ride that. :Rockon:
  4. Octupi mirror block offs

    Bought Cycle One-off FZ-1 in black for my bike. From their site they look fairly nice. In person on the bike, I won't mince words, P.O.S. They appear to have been hand cut (and not well), the holes for the bolts were burred on both sides and not filed, and the fit was very poor. For $65...
  5. Octupi

    Hudson Leather - NW Ohio

    Hudson Leather Appreciation Open House May 28-31 1 mile north of Exit 13 on HWY 15, Pioneer, OH free hotdogs and free lemonade, pig roast and great deal on all your leather needs for riding. I've been to it a couple times, usually a good time. Thinking about riding there on the 30th if the...
  6. Octupi

    Pod Light help/ideas?

    I recently installed an ELFR-1 DOT Flasher Relay and things work just fine w/ my front Proton Flushmount LED lights and rear X-Arc LED running/signals. I’m having a problem in the front though as I installed the Pod Lights and with them connected it makes my Protons go into flash mode. I...
  7. Octupi

    PCIII gains? worthit?

    OK, I have a '09 with the following mods: 1. Lars Airbox w/ descreened filter 2. Cutdown Flies 3. AIS blocked off 4. Gutted Cat 5. Slipon (dead sexy Suono) Bike runs fine as is, at least from what I can tell in the 40 miles I've put on since doing the above :(...but the weather is...
  8. Octupi

    Good read on MC oil

    For those that like their synthetics, here's a good read. Personally, I've been running Amsoil for 15+ years in all my bikes and cars, so at first oil change I will be changing my FZ1 over to it. I'm not promoting one over the other, but this is one informational document. ARTICLE FOUND HERE
  9. Octupi

    Mivv Suono Carbon, Rizome FE, Grips, Bar Ends, ZG Touring, X-Arcs and Proton Flush

    Ok, since I I'm almost finished w/ installations, I thought I'd post it up. The first 3 are showing the ZG Touring in Smoke, Proton Flush mounts, Suono Carbon, Rizoma grips, Rizoma Bar Ends, Rizoma FE and X-Arc rear turn signals. Closer view of the Suono Carbon - dead sexy if...
  10. Octupi

    Wiring help...

    Let me explain the setup. I have the protons on the front of my bike (’09 FZ1) and the X-Arcs (turn signal/running lights) on the rear. I also installed some cheap 4 LED bulbs in my headlights in the upper corners, a Pod Light mod. These do not have load regulators connected to them (yet)...
  11. Octupi

    DDM Tuning - canceled

    Well, I was stoked that I was getting some HID's for a great deal. Placed my order and waited. Called last week to get an update on when they thought it would ship. It would definitely ship on Friday (last week). Checked online today, it's on back-order. Called to ask them what was the...
  12. Octupi

    Helmet Lock Solutions?

    OK, I have an '09 FZ1 and wondering what everyone else does for their helmets? Do you all carry them inside with you, leave them on the bike unlocked or are you locking them up? I'm considering a simple cable lock that I can connect to the rearset and lock my helmet and tankbag to it when I...