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  1. spddmon

    What did you do to your FZ today?

    installed new tires, db windshield ,pod light mod, to go along with the stuff last week rebuild forks, galfer break lines and ebc break pads
  2. spddmon

    many questions

    make sure the tensioner rod deploys if the eng was rotated when the tensioner was out it woul be advisable to check the timing marks on craink and cams if it is out of time or the chain is loose it will go out of time and could result in catasrophic faillure
  3. spddmon

    many questions

    when you removed the tensioner it extended out to max it has to be reset, first remove the bolt in the end of the tensioner her's the manual steps on resetting and installation. while lightly pressing the timing chain tensioner rod by hand, turn the tensioner rod fully clockwise with a thin...
  4. spddmon

    If you could get a Cruiser.....which one?

    there is no other cruiser i would consider
  5. spddmon

    Better mileage for FZ1??

    like most i bought my bike for pleasure 30-40 mpg is a happy bonus if looking for milage a good rule is the higher the rpm the lower the fuel economy fuel consumption is directly related to speed and rpm
  6. spddmon

    home made damper tool

    another pic
  7. spddmon

    home made damper tool

    i just did my fork seals in order to remove the damper retaining bolt on the bottom of the forks to keep the damper from spinning i welded a 16 inch long square tube to a 1 1/16 sockett
  8. spddmon

    Oil Filter Cross References.

    napa gold 1358, i use it on my bike snowmobiles,quad and outboard all yamaha and require the same filter
  9. spddmon

    General map question

    when tuning a fuely i would recomend an afr guage like aem or fjo to tell what is going on i use one on my snowmobile while tuning the rb3 fuel management mapp on it
  10. spddmon

    FZ1 Riders Show us your baby!!

  11. spddmon

    Speedpack Luggage users' comments?

    ive used masking tape to protect the paint on my tank when using my tank bag
  12. spddmon

    New Motorcycle Safety Studies Released

    i believe that proper education/training along with the proper choice of bike can go a long way in preventing many accidents that ca be attributed to experience level and too large a bike, i was very lucky/fortunate the bike i got my license on was a kaw 750 triple two stroke which was too...
  13. spddmon

    Pod Mod - Lights!

    another thing to do besides fork seals, and galfer break lines doh:doh2::wilynily:
  14. spddmon

    New member welcome thread...

    hi ime al i,me from levack ontario canada, ive had my bike since new 01 the last 5 digets in the vin is 00003, my profession is mechanic heavy equip and truck-coach, my toys are 01 fz1,02kodiak quad,03 rx1, 06 apex rtx supercharged among riding hobbies include working on them, ime my own best...
  15. spddmon

    Don't Be Shy Now .

    yep lots of opp and regional police if youre truck had a detroit i might have worked on it if it had eng troubles
  16. spddmon

    Don't Be Shy Now .

    hi ime from sudbury ontario 01 fz1 just brought the bike out for first ride i have the need for speed but use my snowmobile supercharged apex, no tracks or drag strips nearby to test the bike out on
  17. spddmon

    replacement tire options?

    its almost time to replace the tires ime looking for options and opinions on the various makes the tires that are on now are bridgestone bt020 battleaxe most of my riding is highway,secondary roads ashfault paved i have 34000km on the front and 15000 on the rear would like to get closeto the...