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  1. DirtyD

    Going up for sale

    Updated with pics and stats!
  2. DirtyD

    Going up for sale

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  3. DirtyD

    Going up for sale

    So I haven't been on the forum in a REALLY long time, frankly because I kinda lost interest in riding and started my own Sign and Graphics Storefront... So I gotta do the grown up thing and out the bike up for sale... I will post more pics and stats tomorrow. .looking at $6K OBO.. Pretty...
  4. DirtyD

    2011 fz1n

    Your best option is to either have a custom paint shop mask and paint the design or have a graphics shop digital print on a very good cast pvc media with conformability like Oracal 3951 and wrap the tank and plastics. Most professional places can look at the images and replicate very well...
  5. DirtyD

    Free Oakley's

    I went to my dealer with it...never even test rode a bike...they just filled it out and sent it in...They are the Gascans...low lined model...I sold them for 50 bucks....just not my style...So I went and got the Fast Jacket polorized $280...they are insanely awesome! Sent from my EVO using...
  6. DirtyD

    new guy from Indiana

    Ok your by ft Wayne...we should get together for a ride sometime Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  7. DirtyD

    new guy from Indiana

    Yea..north end cycle...I'm really good friends with Bronson the parts guy...matches then beats everything I find on the interwebs...good guys over there....I am off of old us 20/ mishswaka road if you remember that...on the south west side by concord Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  8. DirtyD

    new guy from Indiana

    I'm northern Indiana..Elkhart to be exact...where abouts are you? Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  9. DirtyD

    Inspection sticker places

    Hey Eric...terrible memory...sorry I have a new batch hopefully this IPA will go out Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  10. DirtyD

    Inspection sticker places

    What's an inspection sticker...LOL...Indiana's great! Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2
  11. DirtyD

    Tired of your bike color

    Very good option as it will come off without damaging factory paint..for the extreme curves use a little heat and a slight stretch.... I actually wrapped my gold forks to matte black...worked like a charm! Still debating on 3m Carbon fiber wrap for shrouds and that plastic where your knees go...
  12. DirtyD

    How is YOUR financial situation ??

    If I didn't have Becca...I would have nothing....I have had 1 bike repoed...evicted twice...companies sue....I am terrible with money...I honestly can't tell you where it goes.... She...has helped me and we just payed off the bike...we are buying the manufactured home to rent out...that will be...
  13. DirtyD

    Happy Birthday NJFZ1 (Tony) !!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! Sent from my EVO 4G using Tapatalk 2
  14. DirtyD

    naked fzs in the snow.

    that's awesome!!!
  15. DirtyD

    Power Commander Map Questions

    OK...s I finally fitted my Arrow full exahust so now I have Arrow sloping with full exhaust Air box mod Descreened air filter Ais blocked Stock flies No face When I look at full exhaust maps they all seem to have the fce ....does it matter?...what should I use?...thanks guys!!!! Sent from my...
  16. DirtyD

    My FZ1S-N

    Thanks I did the pant mask and my dad is a painter for 5th wheels so he painted it with silkens paint... As for the license plate...I could d that but I would rather it be noticeable...I actually made a design of FZ1, and routed it out of .80 aluminum...its cool even tho you never see it But...
  17. DirtyD

    My FZ1S-N

    so I finally got the arrow headers fitted and looking for a full exhaust map, all the ones from duke pack have the fce, I dont have that my mods full Arrow exhaust descreened air filter airbox mod stock flies what should i use
  18. DirtyD

    Fuel injector cleaner?

    where do you put it, and how much of the bottle?...thanks Missy!
  19. DirtyD

    Bottoms up!

    A New Holland Brewery Dragons Milk is amazing Sent from my EVO 4G using Tapatalk 2
  20. DirtyD

    'Veet for men hair removal'

    Knob and bollocks!!!! That's