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  1. NJFZ1

    F/S: Dynojet PC V and IM

    This has been SOLD!!!
  2. NJFZ1

    Ride with Mr. & Mrs. FZ1 in Texas

    Sounds like you guys (and gal) had a great time. Eric and Michelle are great people :D
  3. NJFZ1

    F/S: Dynojet PC V and IM

    Selling a Dynojet PowerCommander V and Ignition Module for the 2006-2010 FZ1. Selling only as a package. They are part number 22-015 for the PC V and part number 6-86 for the IM. A steal at $250 shipped CONUS. Post on here or send PM if interested.
  4. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    Bump! Make me a reasonable offer...
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    Good first motorcycle for girlfriend?

    I will just say that while the Ninja 250 is a good beginner's bike you outgrow it too quickly. IMHO you're better off starting with something a little bigger that you get a couple of years out of it. I've personally ridden the Yamaha R3 and Honda CB500R (and CB500F) and either is a bike that...
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    F/S: Gen II Pazzo Levers

  7. NJFZ1

    My Next Triple

    Congrats on the new ride Brad! I have test ridden the Speed Triple and liked it a lot. In terms of pure speed some of the other European brands are faster, but there is just something unique about that bike. I too will be getting a new bike soon. The FZ1 will be sold for an FJ-09. It's a better...
  8. NJFZ1

    WTB: Gen 2 fz1s Seat Cowl

    Not sure if the color works for you or not:
  9. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Pazzo Levers

    For sale is a set of Pazzo Racing levers for the Gen II. These are the long style in black with black adjusters so they will match any color bike. Excellent condition. No scratches or rash. $110 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. PM or post on here if interested.
  10. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    have for sale a Copperdog rear seat cowl in excellent condition. This is the Strike model. Will match the factory red paint that was used on the FZ1 in various years. $225 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. If interested post on here or send me a PM. Pics below:
  11. NJFZ1

    What exhaust is this?

    And that is very true if you're not using some sort of db-killer in there.
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    Gen2 Touring Accessories

    I bought the seats from him and it was a very smooth transaction. Thanks again Chris!
  13. NJFZ1

    Oil Filter Question

    The KN-303 is only about 10mm longer than the KN-204 according to the K&N website so fitment is not an issue. My other bikes use the KN-303 as well so that's what I run on all of them w/o any issues. Killer deal on them right here if you buy enough to qualify for the free shipping (I just...
  14. NJFZ1

    Oil Filter Question

    Like the others said I wouldn't worry about the plastic not being on there. I would think it's more to keep dust and other contaminants out of it than actual moisture. I prefer to use the K&N 303 filters. A little longer than the 204 and it fits pretty much all my other bikes so that's what I...
  15. NJFZ1

    Thanks Lee. Been real busy with life, but I'll always come back here :-)

    Thanks Lee. Been real busy with life, but I'll always come back here :-)
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    "V Day" May 11th! Finally! Busting At The Seams!

    Bike looks fantastic Billy!!! Hey now we can ride the FZ1's or the YZF's. Funny how we ended up with the same model bikes, but totally different colors.
  17. NJFZ1

    Official 2014 Moto GP Discussion Thread-Do not come here if you haven't seen the Race

    Well it looks like it will be Marquez's year again unless he injures himself. We know he's the best rider on the best bike so it's looking like the real fight will be for 2nd place in the championship.
  18. NJFZ1

    New York Safety Track Shut Down?

    Well at least that's good news about the refund.