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  1. Clyde

    Happy Holidays!

    My Pilot Road 4 started showing the wear bars at the end of October, I had a new tire sitting at the shop waiting to be installed, and I'd never done a dry-pavement burnout. I figured this was a fitting way to ring in the holiday season and give myself an excuse to have that new tire installed...
  2. Clyde

    2015 Yooper Madness II Iron Butt

    On Saturday I completed my first Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000! Three of us from my local club joined what turned out to be about 50 other riders for a 1000+ mile trip central Michigan around the Upper Peninsula (UP) and back to Lansing. We ended up doing it in about 21 hours, including a nap just...
  3. Clyde

    Carb Sync Tool - Question about "Emgo" brand

    BikeBandit is running a "sale" on the EMGO Carburetor Synchronizer (link) for $75. I'm assuming that would work for balancing a non-carbureted Gen II (please correct me if I'm wrong). Also, does anyone have any experience with this brand? I've used a MotionPro model previously, but it was...
  4. Clyde

    Aftermarket Fuse Block Comparison/Recommendations?

    There are too many things connected to my battery, so I'm planning to add an after-market fuse block to my FZ1. I had a "FuzeBlock" on my previous FZ1, but was recently introduced to the PC-8, a similar product from Eastern Beaver. I know that there are many ways to provide auxiliary power on...
  5. Clyde

    Got it Running! '71 Honda CL175 Scrambler

    A couple of weekends ago, I picked up a non-running 1971 Honda Scrambler. This was all precipitated by a friend asking me if I would ride "chase" for him on the Lake Erie Loop in June 2015. I was talking about how fun it could be to participate, and the guy who sits next to me said, "Why don't...
  6. Clyde

    Chameleon Camera Edit

    I picked up an Oregon Scientific "Chameleon" action camera for a song ($45) recently. It's an interesting camera, with lenses facing both forward and backward. Both lenses record simultaneously and there's no way to turn that feature off. The files are the camera include the video from both...
  7. Clyde

    Yamaha Warranty Info

    Yamaha Warranty Info (Help Requested) I have a friend with a Yamaha Tenere that's still under its extended warranty (it's literally days past it's factory warranty). He had a spoke break and chew up his swing arm. Yamaha is replacing the spoke under warranty, but won't do anything about the...
  8. Clyde

    Sourcing a "new" pillion seat

    I'm about 98% sold on modifying a passenger seat for my Gen II to be a luggage rack. I recently picked up a Twisted Throttle DrySpec set of bags (28 & 38 liter) and they will sit on the passenger seat without modification, but I'd like to have something a little more secure, level, and...
  9. Clyde

    Selling a bike (Not my FZ1)

    My FZ1 has effectively replaced my old bike, so I'm planning to sell it (my '03 Honda Shadow Spirit 750) in the Spring. Originally, I had a small loan on it, which has long been paid off. I have the Credit Union "signoff" on the Title, which I believe classifies as a "clear" title. My question...
  10. Clyde

    Mirror Adjustments

    I'm interested in seeing a little more of what's behind me when I'm riding. I have stock mirrors on my GenII. I've tried adjusting them out, in, and sideways. The best I've been able to do is get them to the point that if I tilt my head a bit I can see around my own arms and get a peak at what...
  11. Clyde

    Impressions Wanted: DrySpec bags

    I've been struggling with what bags to get for my longer trips. Givi bags aren't within my budget, and I'm not sure they're a good fit given that I only take a hand-full of "touring" trips per year. I've looked at the SW-Motech Bags-Connection Blaze model, and like how easy they are to put on...
  12. Clyde

    Mitigating Salt

    It's forecast to be 50F degrees here in Michigan, so I pulled the bike out and am riding to work today (41F right now). I plan to wash my bike this evening, if nothing else, than just to rinse the salt off that is going to stick to the bike. Any other recommendations for dealing with it so that...
  13. Clyde

    Any experience with the Motodynamic sequential LED Tail Light?

    I was looking at eBay and ran across this integrated tail light from I love the look of the integrated tail lights and was thinking about adding this to my list of possible changes. Does anyone have experience with these? Motodynamic Sequential Tail Lights
  14. Clyde

    Wrong Oil - What to do

    I posted this over in the "What did you do today" thread, but I think that's the wrong place (sorry, still pretty new here). Also, it seems that Search isn't working (I tried searching for "oil" and got zero results). I changed the oil and filter the other day... first maintenance on the...
  15. Clyde

    Happy Halloween! My Take on Pumpkin Carving

    Here is this year's jack-o-lantern. Carving with a dremel is so much easier than a knife!