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  1. Scuba

    Don't get a ticket

    This in no way condones speeding or other illicit activity but here are my tips for increasing your odds of getting only a warning or reduced offense. Turn the car/bike off, including the radio Do NOT reach for anything! Not your wallet, proof of insurance, ANTHING. If you need to do so...
  2. Scuba

    Two words

    Just a silly thread game... The rules, post only 2 words which connect to the sentence in the previous post. (No vulgar language allowed). i.e. - There once....was named... etc etc Ready? GO! One day...
  3. Scuba

    Michael Phelps baby picture...

    Need 10 chars for post...
  4. Scuba


    Hi all from Cincinnati. While I no longer have an FZ1 (I do miss it)...I ride her bigger sibling an FJR1300A. Some day, I'll own both.:D