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  1. Scuba

    What Motor Car Do You Drive ?

    My newest addition...
  2. Scuba

    BMW K1300R Information and Specifications

    That's a badass bike. I rode the 1200 version...I want one.
  3. Scuba

    Don't get a ticket

    This in no way condones speeding or other illicit activity but here are my tips for increasing your odds of getting only a warning or reduced offense. Turn the car/bike off, including the radio Do NOT reach for anything! Not your wallet, proof of insurance, ANTHING. If you need to do so...
  4. Scuba

    Avatars now working dice.
  5. Scuba

    PJ's Parts

    +2 for PZJ's
  6. Scuba

    Avatars now working

    Still brokey :(
  7. Scuba

    Looking for moderators

    I can help with this one as well. Classifieds usually need a little more policing than the other forums and all threads where the items are sold or no longer for sale should be locked (that's a common practice anyway).
  8. Scuba

    Two words

    Just a silly thread game... The rules, post only 2 words which connect to the sentence in the previous post. (No vulgar language allowed). i.e. - There once....was named... etc etc Ready? GO! One day...
  9. Scuba

    What Do You Do For A Living ?

    Gee, tough crowd!:D
  10. Scuba

    Whats With The Points System ?

    As my first official moderator action, I have made this thread a sticky as new members will likey wonder and find the information useful. ;)
  11. Scuba

    What Motor Car Do You Drive ?

    1999 BMW Z3 Coupe, 2006 BMW X3, 2006 Lexus IS250AWD - this will be gone in Oct, replaced with ? The one on the left is mine...I don't have pics of the others off-hand. In fact, I am in SC for the last ever BMW Z3 Homecoming (this is where they have always been built). Great event, we get to...
  12. Scuba

    Michael Phelps baby picture...

    Need 10 chars for post...
  13. Scuba


    I wish I could bet it all at once hehehehe
  14. Scuba

    Looking for moderators

    Uh, I think your the mod of the FZ1 Mod(ifications)s section :P
  15. Scuba

    Speedometer Error

    MC speedometers are notorious for being inaccurate...usu between 5-10%. My FJR is off about 5% and my FZ1 was off about 10%.
  16. Scuba

    What Do You Do For A Living ?

    Proofreader for skywriting ;)
  17. Scuba

    wot no off topic zone

    How about "The Bar"?
  18. Scuba

    Skyrocketing Petrol Prices

    Yeah but you guys across the pond typically don't drive as much as we do here in the states for the most part. How many miles a year does the avg person put on their vehicle? I had a guy from Ireland I met on a dive trip who thought he was gonna fly to Boston and drive to California. LOL. I...
  19. Scuba


    Do you earn credits in any other fashion?