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    Default Show us your fz.

    Old or new, Heres the the one i had back in the day

    dont have the bike any more but ive managed to keep hold of the missus..

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    What year is that?
    2004 FZ1 Skunk
    2002 R1 Track Bike

    2000 DZR Trail Bike

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    That would be 1989...:ugh:

    Heres the most recent one ive got after a few early morning laps at olivers mount..:tup:

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    Most recent.
    Slower traffic keep right,,,

    07Raven FZ-1 ,PCV. IM ,stage 3 smoothed map, CD flies, F.C.E. ,airbox mod ,K&N filter, 2 bros Carbon can, gutted cat, Exup eliminated ,shogun sliders, motivation axle sliders, 17/48, DID chain ,speedohealer, puig screen, Pazzo shorty levers, S.S. brake lines,Satan's pegs, LED signals, pod mod lights,100/80 H4 lamps. dirt road seat, Rad-Armor guard. tankslapper. custom FE, LED tail lamp.

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    The first pic is the FZ I just parted with. Some Jarhead is abusing it now. (Sorry Dan I have to abuse you a little, I did sell you a great bike)
    Second is the new toy. No it's not an FZ, but in phone conversations SV and FZ sound a great deal alike. One of my buddies thought I said that I had bought an FZ. That was less than 24 hrs after selling one. He said "Why the F would you do that, you just sold one." Well in his defense I have done dumber things.
    With age comes wisdom:That is unless you are a complete moron.

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    The SV looks cherry

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    CCS# 711

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    I don't think u did terrible.
    Mod the sh$t out of it and turn a profit. And take that sucker to the track!!!. I would love to know how it handles on the corners. LOL
    I bet original buyer buys it back.
    Good luck. :tup:

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    2004 FZ1 Skunk
    2002 R1 Track Bike

    2000 DZR Trail Bike

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    Latest one of mine, on holiday last month :cheers

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    The Akra on the Back and Yellow looks awesome.
    CCS# 711

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    Some nice pics lads.



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