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    Hmmm...my resume. Well here's a list as complete as I can remember of the street bikes I've had before the FZ1. My first 2 wheel adventure started on a 50cc scooter in high school before I could drive a car.

    Yamaha Jog scooter (I lied when I said the FZ1 was my first Yamaha)
    Kawasaki EX500
    Kawasaki ZX6E
    Honda CBR 600 F2
    Kawasaki ZX7
    Ducati 900SS
    Harley Sportster 1200
    Honda VFR X2, a '90 and an '01
    Kawasaki ZX9R X2, a '98 and a '00
    Kawasaki ZX10R

    I've taken almost every class known to man and tracks and I don't go together well, I always go overboard and wreck so now I don't do any trackdays. As a street rider I live in the NorthWet and ride all year round..rain, shine, and have been caught in snow a few times. When I'm working I commute everyday rain or shine and usually have heated gear and grips to make that possible. I usually farkle the hell out of my bikes which includes a fuse block for heated grips, vest, GPS, radar detector, radar screamer, Cigarette lighter adaptor, and anything else I can think of...usually a voltmeter to keep track of things. The FZ1 will get it as well...with the real estate on that handlebar I have a bad feeling it'll be full of crap soon. I ride everywhere around Washington state and ride to Laguna Seca EVERY YEAR. It's the trip of the year and I look forward to it all year long.

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    I've always dreamed of riding a real motorcycle - just exactly like what I have now; my first, my FZ1.

    I got my license 14 years ago on a borrowed bike, after taking an MSF course, and the first test-ride I took was an FJ1200 - man! was that thing a monster!

    You see, in my teens, my older bro was a classic harley dude - not one of those rich guys, all clean and saddled up with a 30k chrome-infested, show bike, but one of those guys you didn't want to see walking into your restaurant, and he built his own trike (!) and was anti-social with guns and sh*t. So with parents-in-horror, lack of funding, etc. it never came to be. When I got married, 'it was too likely to kill me while makin' kids.

    I rode a few dirt bikes, quads, and three-wheel off-road'ers, but never owned.

    Earlier on, I did have a Honda Express - remember those? won that in a raffle at the grocery store! Ragged that out every way but loose - ran like there was no tomorrow!

    We owned a bicycle dealership for a decade - bikes were a major part of my life (still would enjoy building/repairing... the smell of tires just gets to me.) Amidst that time, we dealt in mopeds... remember, the ones you could pedal OR use the motor, but looked like a real motorcycle?

    Before that I had one of those mini-bikes (you know the square seat with the lawnmower engine and the little fattie tires). That was great fun - couldn't get me off that thing.

    Alas, it all started with the "Big Wheel" - the ultimate speed-demon for the pre-school crowd. Wore those tough plastic wheels right through. It was powered by pure-cane-sugar!:th_smiley_rotfl2[1]

    Annuit Coeptis Celeritas

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    Okay, here we go...

    I've been a licensed since about 1981.

    No MSF class but I have attend several roadracing schools.

    Owned a Yamaha TX500, Yamaha Vision, Yamaha RD400F, Yamaha RZ350, Suzuki GS1100E, Yamaha FZ6, Buell 1125R, Yamaha FZ1, Yamaha R6

    I've ridden about 90,000 miles

    I was an expert class road racer with the MRA (Mountain Road Racing Association) and whatever club is in Phoenix. I've placed as high as 5th in an expert race and finished 9th over all in 450 Superbike for the season. I have also raced the Streets of Steamboat. That was the last street race in the US. We raced through the condo area below the chairlifts on the mountain, very fun!

    Not formally trained as a mechanic but as a poor racer I did all of my own work. I can top end two-stoke motors, tune carbs, read plugs and do any other non-motor or transmission work. I will admit I don't like electrical work. I can also repair ABS body work a do a so-so job of painting. My father is the real painter and he and I have painted three of my bikes.

    I've toured most of the Western United States and was dumb enough to ride across Death Valley in mid-July twice!

    I've crashed at least 10 times, maybe more, and broken a few body parts along the way, and taken a helicopter ride that I don't remember. Wear your gear.

    I've never been hit by a car, come close, and I've never hit a car. I have run over a black lab, and a rabbit.

    Currently I commute about 2 to 3 times a week on the FZ and I'm estimating I'll ride about 5,000 to 7,500 miles a year. EDIT: 6100 in '08, 2,800 for '09, ''10, maybe 2,00, '11, maybe another 2,000. Sad...

    I'd like to do track days again and I simply need to carve out the time to do it. EDIT: Two track days in '08, two track days on '09, including Big Willow, 1 day in '10, and 5 in '11.
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    Short resume: I was a racer.

    Started riding at 11, racing at 15, and quit at 50.

    3 time champion: once riding Observed Trials in the Champ class in Colorado, twice as an RMEC Senior A racer in enduros. Also 2008 Senior ISDE Qualifer. Got a neck injury on my 50th birthday at a race in Nebraska, so I don't race any more. Can't run yet either.

    The FZ is a way to stay on bikes.
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    My short resume:

    Went through a MSF course in September, a birthday present from my wife. This was my first time on a motorcycle. (Been mountain biking for years and have never owned an automatic car, so I guess those were advantages?)

    Bought a 2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400 because of a screaming deal I got on it. Sold it 2 months later, getting all my money + more back.

    Bought the FZ in December. Rode it for about 2 weeks then a shop dropped it, keeping it MIA for a little over a month. Been riding it since.

    I've clocked about 8k miles to this day, not a lot, but I'm proud of what I've done in such a short period of time.

    Bikes I've Rode:
    Gen 2 FZ1
    and of course,
    Intruder VL1400
    "Life is an incessant series of problems; all difficult, with brutally limited choices, and a time limit."-Chapel the Evergreen

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    2001 honda cbr f4i
    2007 kawasaki ninja zx6r (totaled)
    2007 honda cbr 600rr (totaled)
    1999 kawasaki ninja zx6r
    2001 fz1 (but haven't rode it yet!)

    msf course

    been riding for 3 years, unfortunately and fortunately i have learned a lot from crashing and it has made me a better rider, it's all about how you look at it and what you do with it.

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    Bikes I've owned (in no particular order):

    1980 Yamaha XS650 Special II
    1986 Honda CB700SC Nighthawk S
    1983 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna
    1975 Honda CB550 Four
    2004 Yamaha FZ1

    Rode year round, with my bike as my primary transportation, from '88 until '98. In summer of '98, I had a nasty accident when I ran over a roofing nail on the highway while doing about 75 mph. Ended up in the ICU with 3 cracked ribs, a partially deflated left lung, broken bone in my hand, a plate and seven screws in my right shoulder, and about 4-5 sq feet of road rash.

    After that, I wasn't sure I'd ever ride again, and I let my motorcycle license lapse. But in the last couple of years, the "itch" returned with a vengeance, until finally I decided to buy another bike. Fell in love with my FZ in October, and spent most of that month riding it around my apartment complex while I waited to take my MSF class, and I've been back on the road ever since.

    I am so glad that I decided to start riding again. And it didn't take long for my roommate, who had also stopped riding for a few years, to get the itch as well; last weekend he picked up a 2001 BMW R1150GS. It's gonna be a great summer!

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    Default Resume

    I got on my first motorcycle when I was 13, it was a Suzuki 125 enduro. This bike was not mine or my families it was a friend of mine who lived out in the country where they could ride. My parents never knew I had been on a bike and had learned to use a clutch from the bike. When I was learning to drive a car, my mom was trying to explain the clutch, I never said a word about riding the bike yet. So she finishes about 10 minutes later and I pop it in first, second...etc. She asked where in the world did you learn to do that, then the motorcycle thing had to come out.

    I had a Suzuki GN400 for a year in college, had to sell it because we needed the money. Then was a long dry spell without a bike.

    A couple of years ago my wife said she would like to get a scooter to ride to work. We went and looked, I couldn't bring myself to buy a 50-150 CC scooter so her idea turned into getting a 2004 Honda Silverwing (600 CC Scooter). My wife said she would try to ride it also. I went and took the MSF course and got my motorcycle endorsement. So I rode the scooter for about a year (about 6k miles). The scooter really was fine, I just wanted something with a safer riding position than a scooter allows and got a 2006 FJR1300. Very big change, much larger bike. I put about 7k miles on it over about a years time. In about a months time I almost got hit 3 times from cars not watching for bikes and decided it was too dangerous and sold the bike. That lasted about 2 months and I decided I missed riding too much and decided although riding a bike is more dangerous than a car, I would take the chance anyways and drive defensively. I was thinking of getting a 6th Gen VFR and was also considering the FZ1. The FZ1's were so much cheaper, I decided to buy a 2008 FZ1 that I got a very good deal on and decided that if I didn't like it I would sell it when the weather got warmer. Well its now April and I have put on about 800 miles on it since purchase and I have to say I like the bike better than I thought I would, however the verdict is still out. I have not done much to the bike since getting it, only cosmetic things like a new ZG touring screen and tank pad, the bike already came with sliders. We'll see what happens as I drive it more. As I have mentioned in some other posts, I am hopeful my wife will drive at some point. She knows she can get one anytime she wants to.

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    Default Bikes in the dna

    First bike i rode was a mr 50 honda at 5 years then got on to a cr80 ra at 10.by the time i was 15 and could kick start my old mans xs 850 i was on the black stuff not that dad new about till the police notified him.got my own cj 360 honda at 18 and wrote that of at 21,got off bikes for 7 years due to cars and women.back on the bikes again i started with a 89 dr250 for a bit of dirty work then got a 87 gsx1100 f,traded that on a 01 zx12 r which i could'nt keep a licence but keep't the 03 xr 400 that i'd upgraded the dr to.slowed down when i got a 04 st 1300 honda but was not the bike for me,traded that on a st3 ducati (lemon) but sold that when i did another licence on my mates hyabusa.back to the cars again till i traded the xr on the current fz1.
    Other bikes i'v had a good ride on are,cb1100 rc,01 gsxr1000,06 zx10,many hyabusa's,wr 426/450 and the list could go on.

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    Oh well this is long. I started with a "Zundap 50cc 3 gear" when i was about 12 years old but just random driving, when i went to high school i get myself a scooter "Gilera Typhoon" and a year later or so a "Yamaha DTR 125". Then at 22 yo it was a crescendo, first in 2004 a:

    2001 Hyosung Aquilla 250- with this one i get used in going further and riding with passenger it was very easy to ride.

    1998 Honda CBR 600F4- Black with yellow lettering, my first contact with a sport bike, i love the experience and i learned a lot with it. Fast but not very good suspension wise. It was very realiable altough it had about 52000kms (32500 mi) and also easy to drive and forgiving with some mistakes, but i feel with this one, nothing serious.

    2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200s- I still year " you should never had sell this one", was the most confortable yet (wife loved it), it goes like hell in low rpmīs.
    Downside-bad brakes and suspension, for sport ride that is, perfect for touring. Fell with this one also.

    2002 Suzuki Gsxr 1000- With power commander, arata full exhaust, k&n air filter... It was realy fast, and i liked so much the 1000cc superbike that 2 months later i bought a

    2004 Kawasaki zx10- More of the same, very fast, good brakes and suspension, but not very pretty for my my taste so 3 months later

    2005 Suzuki Gsxr 1000- Had it for 6 months great bike in all aspects except that i feel in love for the

    2008 Suzuki Hayabusa- Fastest bike ever, it goes in every gear and almost in every rpm, but disapointing in braking and cornering compared to superbike 1000cc, then the wife wants to do some riding with me so traded the busa for 2 bikes

    2009 Harley Davidson Iron 883 and 1998 Yamaha Yfz 1000 Thunderace- HD was completly different and i enjoyed ALONE but was terrible with passenger and worse in highway. The Thunderace was a treat, loved it, having in mind it was a 11 year old bike, and i spent a lot of time and money on her. Next step. Sold the Harley and traded the Thunderace for a

    2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6r- Perfect for riding short periods alone. The best braking and cornering so far, goes surprisingly well for a 600cc engine but it was so far the most uncomfortable bike of all, impossible to ride in the back. That brings me to what i have today

    2007 Yamaha FZ1s abs- Just have it for a week but iīm loving it so far. Needs a few mods but non the less is a great commitment between comfort and sport. The engine is very good and suspension to. Donīt like the lack of the wind protection of the windscreen, iīm looking fot a new one to cover my 5.8 ft.

    Thatīs my story



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