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    My name is Mick, i'm close enough to fifty, been road riding ever since I was 17 and 9 months, and it's been an addiction that I can not, will not, and don't want to kick. I live in the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne in Oztralia.
    I'll run the list of bikes backwards, it helps the memory that way.
    ZRX1100. 2000. 90 odd thousand k's
    Bandit 600. 1996. 145 odd tthousand K's (Courier Bike)
    Across 250. 1992 130 odd thousand k's (courier bike)
    FJ1200 1992. 380 odd thousand k's
    FXWG H.D. 1980. 500 odd thousand k's
    Z650. 1981 120 odd thousand k's
    RD250LC 1981 50 odd thousand k's
    RD250LC 1980 30 odd thousand K's
    XS650 ...................................
    Z1R ....................................
    Truimph Bonnie....................
    Suzuki T20 250ss 1964
    Only 1 major get off touch wood, but made a major mess of my left leg, but still was unable to put me off riding.
    I've worked as an electrical lineworker a welder, in spare parts in a bike shop, in the workshop of another shop, as a mad assed motorcycle courier, and a van courier driver for our own business, which we have just sold off in the last couple of months. And have just undertaken a shyte load of retraining to go back to my first trade as a lineworker.
    I'm married for the second time round,(Yes I'm a slow learner) I have twin boys now 15 to the first ball and chain. And the newest dearest has 2 girl to a previous a 20 yo and a 13yo, then there's the new we've had a 3 yo boy and a 18 month old girl. No we are not the bloody brady bunch, there's no Alice, but there is the live in father in law, but it hates being called Alice.

    The good wife rides, and now rides a mint 2005 FZ1S.
    And my new ride, is just the ducks guts, love it, does everything nicely and at the end of the day, I can still walk, my arms still work, kind of, and it takes a hellva lot to wipe that shyte eatin grin from my dial.

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    My love for two wheels, like most young boys, started in childhood. I loved BMX bikes. I liked riding wheelies, bunny hopping and endos. I can honestly say I have had far more injuries and incidents on two wheels under my own power than on motorcycles.

    As a child every weekend my friends and I would construct a new ramp of some sort and do something to make it seem like we were dare devils. Most often our daredevil efforts involved setting a bunch of logs on fire to jump over or through. Other times we would build ramps to jump over the Bayou near our home. This Bayou had a concrete spill way with about a 6’ span and walls about 5‘ high. That jump was an initiation of sorts for my group of friends. One of my accidents happened here when I had my mother come watch me jump. When I did my front tire hit the top of the wall and I flipped end over end. Fortunately, my mother was very much a “boys will be boys” type of mother. She just shook her head started to walk away and said “do the bunny hop thing at the top of the ramp next time.”

    In high school I started riding mountain bikes. All those earlier skills definitely paid off here. I never did anything competitively. Just weekend rides with friends along the bayous and in the local parks.

    Immediately after high school I began my love affair with motorcycles. My best friend’s mother was dating the manager of Stafford Kawasaki. He was a very philosophical and wise man. We spent many a weekends up there at his shop gaining every bit of knowledge we could about motorcycles. The more time I spent there the more I had to have a bike. I was even having dreams about proper shifting even though I had not ridden yet. Yes, I taught myself how to drive a motorcycle in my dreams.

    My first motorcycle was purchased at that shop in 1990. It was a 1989 Kawasaki EX500 with full after market fairing. Since I had not actually ridden before I had it delivered to my home. From there I hoped on and never stalled it once. My dreams paid off. I will be the first to admit that I was very “squidish” back then. I was that guy in tennis shoes and shorts with no jacket. Fortunately, the helmet was something I was always adamant about wearing but mostly because I thought I looked cool.

    I had that bike for about 8 years. For most of that time it was my only form of transportation. My first wreck was on this bike. I was just leaving my girlfriends office and pulling on to a three lane street. It just started to rain. About 100 yards down the road a large METRO bus made a U-turn right in front of me without yielding. It took up all three lanes. I grabbed my clutch and brakes and my rear started to slide. I got it back under control but by the time I did I was so close to the bus I just locked the brakes and went down. Cagers everywhere jumped out of their cars and started banging on the door of the bus as it attempted to take off. Big scratches all the way across my visor convinced me that day, that the helmet did much more than make me look cool.

    After selling the EX500 in 1998 I went about 5 years without. I never stopped renewing my motorcycle magazines and knew I would eventually get another. My wife and I were just starting our lives together and financially another bike was not in the picture.

    In 2003 I finally felt like I could afford another bike. This time it was a 2003 Honda CBR 600 F41. I loved everything about that bike and never made any performance mods to it. Never laid it down or dropped it. I sold it in 2006 with only 6K miles on it. This time it was because I had hardly anyone to ride with and I had an itch for a Ski Boat. I scratched that itch. I had thought the boat would give my wife and I something we could do together. Seeing it sit in the stall all but 2 weekends a year made me decide I get much more use out of motorcycles.

    So in the market again I was looking this time for a sport tourer. I was considering a Honda Interceptor or ST1300. A friend suggested I look at the FZ1 as they claimed it was one of the best all around bikes out there. I never liked naked bikes. There was, however, something about the FZ1 that I was very attracted to. The more I looked at it the more I loved its muscular appearance. It looks like it is ready to attack. I liked more and more that I could see the machine and still it looked sporty. Then I compared the price to that of the VFR or the ST1300 and the decision was made for me.

    Most of my miles have been commuting over the years. I still enjoy frequent fast weekend jaunts through the country side. That is where this bike truly shines.
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    Stop trying to be right and just ride!
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    Like most of us here, my experience with 2 wheels started with a bicycle. I got one when I was 8 years of age. I am from India so my experience with motorcycles may be differ. Bicycle was my mode of transport to school for 4 years before I graduated to a Bajaj Scooter. Motorcycles in India are considered a family transport (as you can see from Image 1). They are small (100 – 175 cc) with 8 to 16 horse power. We do have the Royal Enfield brand (350 cc bikes) but they are hard to find.
    In collage, I borrowed my friend’s bike. It was a 100 cc 8 bhp Honda. No power but gave great mileage. The kind of bike you need when you have little or no money in your pocket but still want to get around places.
    The first bike that I purchased was a Honda. A 156 cc engine with 12 bhp. This bike had the power that I needed to ride on Indian roads. It was the craze around that time. I rode this bike for years before I moved over to US. I still have this bike back in India.
    Currently I own
    2006 R6 – One beast of a machine. Every time I take it out on the streets, it just does not want to go slow. I have be really careful with my speeds as it only comes to life when you have it revved up high and speeds that exceed the legal limits. I now take this out only on weekends when I have the craving to ride the twisties.
    I had one experience on the R6 on my first trip to the mountains. No harm to rider and bike. I learnt a lot from it and I think I am a little better rider now (know and ride within ones limits).
    2007 FZ1 – This is my second bike. It is for the streets for two up riding. It’s a great bike when you want to take it easy and stay within limits. I love everything about it - sitting position, throttle response, wind protection. I have taken it to the mountains and it responds just as well as my R6.
    I took my MSF course before getting myself the R6. For me the right riding gear is very important. I have invested in my gear and never ride without them. I have done a couple of demo rides organized by Yamaha. Yamaha demos are on Tracks in collaboration with NESBA. You get 15 minute sessions to try out their bikes. It is a good experience for those who are unsure about riding their own bikes on track. I must say, Tracks are the safest places to be if you want to exploit the true potential of your sport bikes.
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    I have owned 17 bikes up until now. Current bike is a -08 FZ1-S and I also have a -02 CBR600FS. Couple of pics of my previous bikes:
    ***** 2008 FZ1S Cobalt Blue ***** Mods: Ohlins YA906 shock, Rizoma fatbar, LSL risers, R&G frame and axle sliders

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    I have wanted a bike pretty much all my life and finally bought a bike in June of 2008. I have ridden every single month since then even through winter. I ride as often as I can. I have loved the pure joy out of riding since first learning. I received my permit and within a few months I took a STAR course here in Boise on base and received my endorsement.

    The first bike I bought was a 1983 Honda Shadow 750 and I put a couple thousand miles on it before selling it. After that bike I purchased a 1999 Suzuki Intruder 1400 and loved the upgrade in power on the smaller framed bike.

    After trying out the cruisers I tried out sport bikes and bought a 1996 Honda CBR600F3 for a grand and fixed it up. It was my first sport bike as well as my first project bike. I put a few thousand miles on that one and sold it for a 1999 Kawasaki ZX-9R.

    I started missing cruisers for some reason and sold the ZX and picked up a 2000 Shadow Aero 1100 and that was a big mistake. My 750 shadow had more power than that thing. It was a gorgeous bike though. I sold that one and picked up a 2002 Suzuki SV650 1st gen and customized that bike to my liking.

    Shortly after getting it where I wanted I went down while going about 55 through a 20mph switchback. We normally do that speed through them but for some reason my rear tire just didn't stick. My fault for probably over riding my shitty tires at the time. They were some crappy Shinko Stealths or something. I wasn't banged up very much but had to get new gear and fix the bike up. I fixed the bike back up and went on a ride with my gf up a road I have never been on and going up it was sandy as hell so we were really taking it easy and just enjoying the scenery. One turn on the way back down we hit a patch of sand I didn't see and it slid out from under me. Rode back up to the lodge for their first aid kit to clean up our wounds and got on the bike and went straight home to relax. That was the scariest moment I have ever endured in my riding experience. I was so afraid for my gf, of whom I love, and I will never put her in that situation again.

    I sold the SV650 and picked up my current bike and love this thing to death! It is a 2003 Yamaha FZ1 in the silver color. This bike is the cherry of them all. This bike will take me places and I will ride much safer on it and still have a blast.

    I have owned quite a few bikes and I do A LOT of riding when compared to others. For some reason when I first got into riding I could not hold onto a bike.