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    Smile New member welcome thread...

    Alot of new members join and dont introduce themselves so Ive added this thread for all to introduce yourself....

    Ill go first...

    Hi all I am From Langley BC Canada. I started this site to be a sister site to FZ6-Forum.com I currently ride a FZ6... but I have a crush on the FZ1.

    It doesnt matter how crappy a day I have had, all I have to do is put on my gear and go.... The world disappears... the FZ6 is my first bike.. Its a 2005 Galaxy Blue one.. (Yeah the blue ones are faster... Its not a rumor).

    I am an Engineer and currently work rebuilding crash damaged helicopters and general Helicopter maintenance..... Okay nuff about me... Who is next.... BroHay? FZ1inNH?


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    Name is Adam

    Own a '01 FZ and it is my first bike -- picked it up in March of '08 b/c I got tired of feeding the beast @ 4.00+ gallon (F-350). Wife does not understand why I prefer it over a cage...but then I don't need to explain it to you all...

    General Contractor, currently self-employed as a consultant, to an organization that focuses on Indian Economic Development. (Most of the projects are in the SW, but hoping that some of the Eastern Tribes kick in and I can travel to check out your roads (Aaron/Eric/Billy). Currently working on a hotel in Tuba City for the Hopi's.

    Two boys -- BROdy and HAYden that will be 4 and 3 this August.

    Other than that, ask away...

    It is going to take grit, spit, and lots of duct tape...

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    The name here is Billy.

    I ride a Black 2001 FZ1
    Married twice / divorced twice, I was born and raised in NYC but really love the country life. I get away every chance I get. My son Richie lives with me. Yes, some fathers do get their kids. He's been with me since the divorce 9 years ago.
    I done a few things for a living in my 47 years, starting out as a Teamster many moons ago doing physical work, a few years as a police officer here in NY, and ultimately selling lumber and building materials here in the Bronx.

    I have a passion for fishing and the outdoors. I can sit by my favorite lake an entire day, not catch a thing, and still be happy as a pig in s#%t. Motorcycles, cars, and most things that have an engine and wheels have interested me my whole life.

    At home, I love the radio. I am a licensed Ham and love talking on the radio when conditions are right to people all over the world.

    Thats me in a nutshell.
    2009 FZ1 Cobalt Blue, Dynojet PCV, Ivan's ECU Flash, Two Brother's V.A.L.E. Carbon Fiber Slip-on, Dirt Road Custom Seat, M-Factory Shorty Levers, Frame Sliders, Swingarm Spools, BBS Gold Colored Wheels, GYTR Braided Lines, Philips Extreme Vision H4 Bulbs

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    I've been given de name Arnold (callname Denarnold). Since my 19th birthday I've been on motorcycles (not non-stop as a house building adventure absorbed most of my money ). After a variety of different bikes, I ended up with the right one, a Graphite 2008 GENII faired FZ1 (ABS version) and I'm (as all of us on this great forum) LOOOOVING IT!! .

    Since I found and joined this forum, already learnt a lot and made some good forum-friends. One day I hope to be able to jump over the big ocean and join the US-members for a nice ride.... But untill then, I keep practicing and enjoying the roads in Western Europe, starting from Belgium....the land of the best beers

    Oh yeah, to pay all of this fun on two wheels, I work as a Business Manager at a large Telecom Operator.
    Next to money for the bike, a big chunk of my paycheck goes to my wife and two kids (son 16y, daughter 14y) and the other bills
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    Iedereen op de moto (everybody on the motorbike)

    37 is my lucky number

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    Hiya, I'm David and I live in London, England. I currently have an FZ6 S2 and I'm also pining for an FZ1.

    I've been riding for about 2.5 years and have done about 15K in total - mostly commuting in and around London.

    I'm planning on starting my Advanced Riding training so I can get my IAM certification soon.

    Oh one more thing - my nickname is doo-rag. You know like the things you wear on your head.
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    I'm Pete. No FZ1...yet...but I've admired the bike since it was introduced. I owned an FZ6 for a year a loved the heck out of that little bike. I currently own an 08 Buell 1125R that is a true Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.

    I've been ridding for about 25 years and I've owned mainly Yamahas, not by plan, just kind of ended up at way. Of the bikes my RZ350 was my favorite. I wish I still had one. Nothing like a two stroke.

    Like many others I was laid off last Fall after a 15 year run in the semiconductor equipment industry. I'm running a job search for an Operations Management, or Learning and Development Manager position. At the same time I'm working on purchasing a sign manufacturing company. No luck there either.

    I've also served in the Army National Guard for 19 years and have done a tour in Iraq. Plan to retire next June if I'm not offered a promotion.

    Grew up in Colorado and I've lived in Austin, Texas for 15 years and I still hate the summers here!
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    Hello all,

    I'm Kevin and I currently live in Newport News, VA. I'm 27, married and have three kids--all boys, 4, 2, and 5mos. I don't own an FZ1, but may be purchasing one soon. I rode dirt bikes for years--I know, they are not really comparable to street bikes--and have been riding a Suzuki GS500 for a little over a year now and have ridden friends' bikes around a little bit as well--2001 FZ1, 2006 GSXR 750, 1999 Honda Shadow, 2001 R6. I love to ride but the GS500 had become more of a burden than a toy in the last couple months so it was time to say goodbye. I definitely want to step up to a larger bike, preferably an FZ6, SV650, R6, GSXR 600 or 750, but I've been offered a pretty good deal on an FZ1 from a buddy of mine that I don't know if I can pass up.

    I'm originally from O'Fallon, IL (suburb of St. Louis) and have been in the Air Force for 6 years.

    I basically wanted to join the site to get more information about the FZ1 before I think about buying one. I know 500cc to 1000cc is a HUGE step up in terms of power so I'm still pretty hesitant about buying the bike. I've ridden the bike a couple times, just around town...never really got on it. Anyway, just here for information, opinions, and hopefully to learn a thing or two.

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    My name is Mike, picked up an 06 FZ1 last week. I live in west central Indiana. 55 years old. Haven't had a bike for a few years and am looking forward to riding again. I need to look into lower pegs, but otherwise i love the bike.

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    Hey im Jamie
    Got an 06 in the faster silver
    I like tinkering on my bikes,cars.
    I love dragracing go every chance I get.

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    Greetings from NJ,
    My name is George and on 6/2/09 I purchased my Granite Gray 2008 FZ1 (leftover) from a local Yamaha / Suzuki dealer.

    I'm a father of 3 daughters ages 25, 25 and 21 and a grandfather of 2 (Granddaughter 3yrs and Grandson 1 Month) and married for 26yrs.

    I work at a local community college as a Network Technician. I just got back into riding last year when I purchased a used 2005 Ninja. Prior to that (20yrs ago) I owned a 1980 Yamaha 650 Maxim.

    Feels great to be free again.


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