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    Just got back into riding again after 10 years of being away from it. Have always owned Yamahas, 88 FZR1000, 92 FZR1000, 97 YZF1000 (notice a pattern ). And now an '06 FZ1.

    I grew up around cars and have owned a few fast ones in my time. Love working on cars and motorcycles. I'm an IT Manager for a children's hospital so I am also into computers.

    Two kids, girl and boy, 5 and 7.

    Now that I have found this site and FZ1OA I have gotten the mod bug so I can't stop reading about the FZ1 and tinkering with it every chance I get.


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    Hi my name is Tod, currently living in Scottsdale (love riding in the desert) but my wife and I just decided today to move back home to Sonoma County, CA. I recently left Big Pharma and am looking for work in NoCal in Medical Device, Biotech or Pharma. I have been soaking up the info on this site and searching for an FZ1 as soon as I find work. Any leads are obviously welcome. My first bike in college was an '69 R69S BMW loved that bike. I have recently been riding with a buddy on his FJR1300 and Magna. Big fan of the FJR but not sure I wanted that much bike. Love the look and the reviews of the FZ1.

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    Hi... I'm Eric. I have a Yamaha problem. I've been through too many of them. Yamaha keeps putting out something better and I just have to have it.

    Seriously, I was a Yamaha guy of old and took a 13 year break to raise kids by giving up my last bike when the twins turned 5. After they turned 18, I bought an '05 FZ6 leftover in '06. Almost two years later, I sold it and bought an '08 FZ6. One year later, after a trip to the Dragon, I returned and traded up to the FZ1.

    I'm married, 18 years, but we've been together almost 23 years. She rides too and has an '09 Yamaha FZ6R which was a trade-up from her V Star 650. I have three kids. I adopted my wife's first born child and became his Dad when he was 20 months old. We had twins not long after meeting. Boy and a girl. They are about to turn 22.

    I'm a Server/Storage Engineer for a wholesale energy company. I run the data center for not only our company but our parent company as well. Our company owns terminals in all New England states as well as New York.

    I'm a hobbiest. I do a lot of woodworking, remodeling and started doing my own finish work as of late. I am a U. S. Army veteran and served during peace time from 82 - 86. I enjoy NASCAR, MotoGP, Boston Bruins, Red Sox, Washington Redskins, and above all, motorcycles be it riding or tinkering with them. I also do some hiking, kayaking and a lot of cooking. Dad and Grampa were cooks for their families, thus am I.

    Toyota, Yamaha and Sony are most of what you'll see around my house. Sam Adams is the perfect beer(s).

    Finally, I love to learn new stuff. I research everything to death and absorb as much as possible about anything that interests me. I read a lot but none of it is recreational. All for learning.
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    I'm 46 and live in Sweden. Got my first bike in -78, after a period without bike I picked it up again around 16 years ago and have been a major "hobby" ever since. In -95 I got around to my first track day and it became more and more important until it "peaked" when I went to 15 track days in one season on a 748R. For a while I had two bikes, one for the track and one for the road. Now I ride mostly on the road with just a couple of track days a year.

    Bike history:

    CB125T, CB500F, --nobike--, GPX600R, RF600, RF900, TRX850, Duc900SS, Duc748R and DR650, GSXR600 and R1200GS, ZX6R and DL1000VStrom, KTM950SM, Yamaha FZ1S
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    ***** 2008 FZ1S Cobalt Blue ***** Mods: Ohlins YA906 shock, Rizoma fatbar, LSL risers, R&G frame and axle sliders

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    My name is Don,
    I've been addicted to motorcycles since introduced to the two-wheeled contraption in about 1963 when my cousin, who had a Zundap 250 he took me for a little ride. I've had eighteen with the FZ1 my newest. I have one daughter who is now 35 and was born in Hawaii while I was serving in the USAF. I was one of the very last draftees of the Vietnam conflict (war if you prefer). Married three times, divorsed twice, so far all three marriages have lasted eleven years and hope this one is my last. Like most riders, I once was young, dumb, and full of, well, you know the last one. Been down pretty hard three times, and once real hard. Although it trashed the bike, I was pretty much unharmed and so was my wife. That was twenty years ago. I learned then that the street is totally beyond anyone's ability to forsee what's ahead. What causes most accidents is that which isn't seen until it's too late. That happened to me when I hit spilled antifreeze in the middle of a fast curve. I went down so fast I was sliding before I knew I was down and so was my wife and the bike. I now have a habit of watching the surface as much as what's traveling on it. I try to convince riders to leave the racing to the track but as most parents know, the vast majority of us simply have to learn by personal experience. Made my money in electronics and networking and retired at forty-seven. Most important lesson learned: to be truely free, get out of debt and stay there. It's not what you have, but what you give that makes for a happy and worthwhile life.

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    Hey kids-first personal is Chris and I hail from Wasilla, AK, a bit north of Anchorage.

    My usual ride is a BMW GS, I bought a 01 FZ1 from a friend who was selling it cheap due to some rash, no keys, dead battery and uncertain operational condition. Well, how bad can it be? Keys made, battery replaced, and most of the rash has been addressed, and since my GS took a dump on me coming home from a gathering in Dawson City, I decided to get the Fizzer back on the road.

    Totally different ride from the GS, but no surprise there.

    I should warn everyone that I like to take lots of pictures and share them with people, like the crazy relatives who would bore you to death with slide shows ... if you remember back that far.
    My other riding addiction is dual sport, riding the GS which really is a great bike when it isn't obliterating expensive bearings in the final drive assembly.

    I've been riding since I was 15, starting with a Honda CT90 that wasn't much for speed but would go pretty much anywhere. My first Yamaha was an old Dt1 that had an interesting habit of dying for no reason, only to roar to live after one-more-kick. Other bikes had included 2 V45 Intercpetors, Triumph Sprint, Buell S2, Honda CB900, CB750, Suzuki GS450, Aprilia Pegaso, so you could say my tastes are somewhat varied.
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    Default New Guy from Fort Campbell

    Hello all,
    My name is Jason and I am from Fort Campbell, KY. I have a blue 2001 FZ1. I have owned her for about 4 or 5 mths now, and even though she is not currently running I love her. I am a Flight Medic in the Army, and I love to ride my bike. I can not wait until I get her back up and running.

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    Default from texas

    i thought i introduced myself before but i guess i put it in wrong thread. nothing new for me--
    name is patrick, am 54 years old. started on mini bikes at 7 and havnt looked back. thanks grandad. i work at veterans hospital making false teeth. i used to play golf to a 10 handicap before i got bad arthritis in my back-hips-knees-neck.
    now i ride when i can and dont stay on too long. not a mechanic at all. like computers and texas holdem.
    thanks for the site---and thank everyone for all the great info.

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    Hey! Im Jeremy, I live in Northern Florida with my wife and two kids age 5 and 18 months. I am an IT in the Coast Guard and have moved around quite a bit over the last couple of years (Northern California, Hawaii, and now Florida). I started out riding on a 1100 Honda Shadow which was a great cruiser! After a couple of years I wanted something faster and with better handling. I gave the Honda to my Dad to get him back in to riding after a 25 year break, and I picked up a Raven 2009 FZ1.
    Ive had the FZ1 since February and have done a lot of modifications to it since than. I've done the airbox mod, BMC race filter, Ivans flies, AIS plugged up, Power commander V, Auto tune, FCE, Yosh R-77 exhaust, Proton Flushmounts, LED's, fender eliminator, speedo healer, 16t front sprocket, rear set washer mod, and fz6 foot rests. The bike is now running incredible and I think I'm done for now with the engine Mods. Next up will be the brakes and suspension.
    I ride to work a couple times a week and try to get a couple hundred mile ride in on the weekends. I havent done any track days yet, but it's something I'm looking to get into. Other than riding motorcycles I love to snowboard and play golf occasionally.

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    Im Justin, and live in East, TN. Been ridin since 02. Started then on a 94 harley lowrider, and loved it, but financial hard times forced me to sell in 06. Three years later a good friend of mine told me all the good things about an fz1, so after extensive research and a little guidance(not to mention finding a great deal on my 06 shift red with a few mods to sweeten the deal) I became the proud owner of an fz1. Since then i have tried to find another motorcycle the would be better for me and the search continues. Hopefully in the next couple years i can pick up a dual sport and do a little off roadin!!


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