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    Default adjusting the forks in the clamps

    To adjust the correct position of both forks, first insert the R1 axle.
    Here you see the difference between your FZ1 GEN2 axle: the R1 axle is secured with an external bolt

    Position the forks by measuring the top position of the forks towards the top clamp. I set mine to 5mm above the top clamp

    Tighten the clamp nuts first by hand while doing the fork adjusting.
    When happy with the position, tighten the bolts as per below torque settings

    Lower bracket pinch bolt 1 and Upper bracket pinch bolt 3

    Iedereen op de moto (everybody on the motorbike)

    37 is my lucky number

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    Default insert wheel and mount brakes

    Next insert the wheel using the R1 axle...this fits perfect without any mods

    Next I mounted the brake callipers (after I thorougly cleaned them, placed new (racequality) brake pads

    Lowered the bike back on its wheels.

    Next job is to have the brakelines replaced. I got in touch with my dealer and I will bring the bike to his shop to have customized steel brake lines fitted (The fact that it needs reconnecting to the ABS pump I wanna be sure this is professionally done.)
    So the bike will be gone for a few days....

    Once back it is remounting the front fender andfront light/fairing. Then testride and adjust the fork compression/rebound to my liking...
    Iedereen op de moto (everybody on the motorbike)

    37 is my lucky number

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    Default RC brake pump fitted

    And yes also removed the oem brake lever-pump and mounted the RC Brembo brake pump...This will already give me more braking power compared to the radial bc. In combinatiion with RC callipers and new steel lines, this baby is gonna stop like no before

    OEM goes off

    RC goes on

    Also need to fabricate a small holder/bracket for the brakefluid reservoir
    Iedereen op de moto (everybody on the motorbike)

    37 is my lucky number

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    for the brake fluid reservoir bracket, i bought this https://www.kurveygirl.com/shop/prod...mjj8ju405ssih1

    and just bent it to shape as needbe.

    and i gotcha on the forks, deals a deal! and it's still better than the standard FZ stuff!

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    So I did the mod last week.
    The wish list is missing the R1 calipers... This is my minimum list of things:
    - R1 04-06 front fork
    - R1 04-06 front wheel axle
    - R1 04-06 calipers (4 piston) with mounting bolts
    - Brake fluid DOT4

    What I found out, there is no need to disassemble the front of motorcycle. You just have to be careful with allen key and screws which secure fork legs.
    The brake hoses works fine as well as brake pump.
    The brake pads are the same and brake pads spring.

    Apart from my "minimum" list, what is worth doing while performing this mod:
    - change oil and seals in R1 fork, I guess it comes used from ebay
    - change brake pads if required
    - change brake pistons' seals in R1 calipers (manual says every 2y)
    - change brake fluid (manual says every 2y)
    - before the mod, check front tire for wear, it may require replacing



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