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I wear gloves, I installed 506 gram HVMP bar ends (stock are 301 grams), I have installed gel handgrips on stock FZ1 bar (Superbike Pro Grip 601s), I still have buzzing in left hand bar (throttle grip is OK). I have even pop riveted an old throttle to the left hand bar and installed a right hand (1") gel grip to get rid of the buzz. Now I can hear a godawful buzzing sound unless it is drowned out by spirited throttle application; I assume it is the plastic throttle on the left bar end. Any ideas? Has anyone tried Barsnake? Does installation of Rizoma bars help?
check solutions for MX bikes, such as those bars - Rox Anti-Vibration Elite 2" Pivot Risers for 1 1/8" Handlebars - RevZilla

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