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    Default Bike struggles to pull, wont go over 3000 rpm

    Hello guys!

    Just changed the clutch wire, everything was cool for a few days (little bit too long but adjusted it now when i reopened to see whats going on).

    Yesterday I was driving it and it keeps making sound like I am driving a tractor or a crosser not a 1k bike (loud PRRRRRRRR) and struggles to go over 3k - 4k RPM. The thing is when I add just a bit clutch, like just small pressure it changes the sound to normal and starts pulling. Also when in 1st gear and no throttle its jumping like a wild horse, up and down (really feels like its like loosing the idle throttle - which i diagnosed and it is shifting between 16-17, there was also number 1 on d...something i did not catch as it came back to 0 and i was excited...

    I dissambled it yday as i did airfilter change and to check the gas lines if clogged and I saw that 4th valve is kinda orangish.

    Everything is suspicious to me as i am not an mechanic, spark, fuel injection, chain is jumping up and down when on stand and 1st gear (when i check the slack its not even touching the upper part, checked the teeth on the gear thats operating chain all there... Im gonna cry! yes also idle throttle jumps every few seconds from 1100 to 1250 rpm

    Uploading some pics but today i will take some videos when i take it out. Is there way to import attachments as videos here?
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    Bike struggles to pull, wont go over 3000 rpm-0dgknyqqrnib9lpgkqqc2q.jpg

    Can it beeee the exhaust!?!?

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    well two bro's exhausts are known to blow apart so i'd replace that just out of principle alone. second, probably need coil packs. when the bikes cold, fire it up and use infrared thermometer on the header pipes (if you don't have one, a drop of water/soap/oil works and watch which doesnt burn off as fast, or put a finger on each pipe to feel which one isn't as hot), whichever one isn't heating up as fast as the others has an issue. swap coil packs with another cylinder and repeat test to confirm.

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    I'm curious to know if you had the tank up when changing the clutch wire. Check and make sure your fuel line hasn't kinked as it is a common occurrence with the second Gen bikes.
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    i wonder if he found a solution



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