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    Default Battery not receiving correct voltage/ possible short or drain??

    HI all,

    I'm after advice/help and have tried almost everything i can think of, have rang around local motorcycle garages and most if not all seem reluctant to help or are unable top.

    bit of background on the issue.....

    A few months ago my battery went flat, charged the battery and flat again, so out cam the multi meter and found i was not receiving any voltage to the battery from the charging circuit.
    traced the fault to the stator.

    as mine is an 06 gen2 i first suspected the magnets had come away from inside the stator housing, but i wasn't heading any new rattles or vibration but decided to check it out, all was good as far as i could see with the stator magnets, all on good condition, no wear lines or loose broken bits. so i assumed the actual coil had gone bad. after testing the 3 phases (white wires) one was not giving a reading so replaced the stator coil and the rectifier for good measure.


    I have good voltage from the stator in AC (63V) and climbing as i increase the revs
    the rectifier is giving out 13.2 DC at idle and goes upto about 14.7 at 4.5k revs but when i take the readings from the battery terminals (not the cable connectors) im getting 12.8 volts at 4.5k rpm much less than i should be from what i have read in the service manual and online.

    replaced the battery, no change.
    replaced the ground lead from the battery to the engine, no change
    mocked up a bypass to go direct from the rectifier to the battery to see if the plug was pad from the rectifier, no change.
    have had the tank air box and most of the front end off to check connectors and clean them, also very carefully unwrapped the wiring harness (which is a pain in the ass) to see if i could find any signs of exposed wire/short and can't find anything out of the ordinary.

    replaced the ignition coils as 2 weeks ago i lost a cylinder and the error log on the speedo showed, a power fault and open open circuit on coil 1.
    replaced all the coils and treated myself to new spark plugs as it made sense to do it anyway.

    i still have the error codes, 33 and 46.

    currently running with the main headlight fuse out to conserve voltage which is helping to keep the battery running for now, not ideal i know but at the moment its lighter for longer during the day so not an issue yet.

    i have tried taking fuses out to see if the voltage increases, no luck there.

    have also tried as best as i can to disconnect lighting plugs etc that i can get too, one by one to see if i gain any substantial voltage increases, no real joy.

    i am out of ideas and technical ability at this point and am even considering just binning it for parts and replacing the bike all together out of frustration.

    Any help or insight will be very veeeery much appreciated, thanks

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    Reading through your post / diagnostics so far the only thing left is a break or bad connection in the positive lead from the rectifier to the battery , have you done a resistance test on the power lead from rectifer to battery , Check all fuse connections too .
    Cheers Delbert

    Tell it like it is



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