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    Default How to: Fix vibrations / buzz on a Fz1 GenII

    Hi all

    First of all Im writing this to help other owners to solve that problem faster than i did and want to appologize in advance for my english, but i try to give my best

    Since the day i bought my bike , i was fighting with bad vibrations, buzzings and annoying sounds.

    This weekend i stripped my bike completely to see where the this comes from, and i found a lot.......

    Step 1: Vibrations from the Vent

    That should definitely be your first step. The vent is the most common issue on this Bike and will buzz everywhere.
    Im linking here to JFSK16 manual, big thx for that!

    Step 2: Radiator Cover

    The radiator cover sits very loose on this bike. You can easilly pull it out when you remove the 2 screws per side from die sidecovers and then remove the two screws holding the cover.

    You can see two plastic hooks at the bottom -> putt some foam or felt tape here, also do this left and right from top to bottom!
    After you reassembled everything, youll see its fitting much tighter an cannot buzz anymore. But as said before, dont forget to tape that two black hooks at the bottom!

    Step 3: Remove the front fairing

    At this is the point Im really not satisfied about yamahas engineers.
    After i removed the fairing completely (you have to open 5 screws)
    i saw the big fail immediately.....

    The cables which are running in front of the lights are touching the vent. And that so strong, that you can see how the plastics going away and cutting into the fairing (the bikes having just 6000 miles on it....)

    I fixed that by covering the cables (all cables which are in the fairing) with felt-tape

    Step 4: Instrument Cluster

    Another problem is the instrument cluster. The cluster is beeing held by 3 screws with a big fat rubber washer between. the problem is that these washers are shrinking , how older the bike gets -> you have to add additional rubber washers till its tight again and not able to move.

    Step 4.1: plastic cover above radiator

    Yamaha installed two little plastik covers, which are directly touching the radiatior guard. I dont see any real sense here and removed them completely
    (maybe from preventing hot air from the radiator going into the airbox but when i removed that two little plastics you could see how they were touching the frame (plastic dust)

    Step 5: miscellaneous

    - air filter: i also had the problem that my air filter (Pipercross) hat to much space in the airbox. so when i get to 4500-5500 rpm and the bike starts to suck some serious air , the filter rattled in the box.
    Switching to stock filter was way better, i then decided to install a K&N which is not made of plastic, its rubber

    - tighten engine mounting screws
    (couldnt find a manuall here, if someboday has it, please pm me, ill add it here)

    - Reassembling: when i reassembled the bike , i put rubber washers everywhere between srews and plastic parts. Easy cheap fix that also helps a little

    Nevertheless, youll get away the noises here but dont forget its still a litre bike, so when the handlebar is vibrating a little , fill it with leadshot and wd40

    When i went out for my first ride yesterday i was absolutely surpised what a different bike this is now. before, i could always say which rpms i have by feeling the different buzzes..... Now i can drive through a corner, holding the bike at 5000 rpms, get smooth out without any distortion.

    I hope this helps a little for everyone how also have that problems
    (ive really been thinking about selling this bike ......)

    But now, i love it more than ever

    If someone has some additional stuff, pls PM me , ill add it. and maybe we can make a sticky out of this thread.

    Best regards from germany
    and sorry again for my broken school english here
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    Default Re: How to: Fix vibrations / buzz on a Fz1 GenII

    That's a very helpful guide, well done.
    It's all those vibrations that turned me off the S model and I ended up buying the naked N model instead.
    Maybe if I had read this first I might have changed my mind?

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    I had a buzz that was bugging the crap out of me. Then when I looked down one day a bolt that holds on the clamps (bottom right) was almost out. I would screw down by hand until I got it to the shop and the guy showed me to take the chrome cap off and then tighten it all the way.

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    Nice job and thanks!

    This is now STUCK!

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    Youre all welcome Hope it helps

    Im going to try to loosen and tight the engine screws again the next days , and will add a manual for that too

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    Default FZ1n Buzzing

    Thanks for this I have an FZ1n and it has a buzzing at low to mid rpm and i was thinking where do i start looking for the noise but this has given me some ideas...


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    Default vib

    My right arm and leg used to go numb after a long ride. I put plastic HD washers on the rear foot peg mounting screws. Seems that it dissipated most of the vibes .seeing how the RS is attached to the muffler. Arm and leg is fine now

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    Default Thank you

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for this excellent guide - my FZ1 S developed a rattle around 5500 RPM over the last couple of months and it was buzzing the hell out of me!

    Given that the bike is 10 years old, I initially thought a buzz was inevitable and that I should therefore just learn to live with it... However, I found that I was subconsciously avoiding going above 5000 RPM just to not have to listen to the noise!

    Thanks to this (including a new air filter) the rattle has been eliminated, and I can enjoy the full power of bike.

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    Hi, can't seem to access the link from JFSK16.

    Can anyone please assist?


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