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    Default Best windshield?

    Hey folks:
    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but there are so many new products popping-up each day.
    I'm looking for a little more protection/less wind resistance. I think I'm looking for a touring windscreen, but I'm all ears. Tell me what you reccomend.
    p.s. I ride in an upright position.
    K. Jones

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    Default Very Subjective topic

    Quote Originally Posted by kejonespequa View Post
    Hey folks:
    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but there are so many new products popping-up each day.
    I'm looking for a little more protection/less wind resistance. I think I'm looking for a touring windscreen, but I'm all ears. Tell me what you reccomend.
    p.s. I ride in an upright position.
    K. Jones
    Bigger shield means more wind resistance(for it) but less for you (being less exposed). Of the "sport Touring" screens between the Puig or Zero Gravity, I have heard much better things about the Zero G. I may be biased though as I have the Zero Gravity Sport Touring. I personally think it was money well spent!:2cents:
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    I don't have the answer. But I can tell you a windscreen I wouldn't recommend: MRA Vario Touring Windscreen.
    Perhaps I expected too much. With spoiler at full extension, moving btwn 50 and 80MPH, the wind force is certainly less on chest and head, however noise-at least for me-seemed louder. With the spoiler all the way down, one's helmet is in clean air stream and the effect is perhaps somewhat better than stock. I'm underwhelmed with MRA Vario Touring.

    The National Cycle VStream intrigues me. If it works as described-channeling the air stream to the outside of one's helmet and creating a quiet pocket-great. However for me, I like more air flow, smaller screen and I don't ride straight up. In fact, next project is a 1" lowering of my handlebars.
    Unknown but something you may want to consider.
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    Well I think part of the answer depends on how tall you are (I'm 6'2"). Some windscreens are going to move the air higher, but may end up hitting you right in the face making things worse. When I bought my bike it had a taller touring screen that I didn't care for. I switched it out for the Zero Gravity DB screen and it was a small improvement, but still get some buffeting. I think something like the Copperdog or Magical Racing screen may be better for me. These are more angled back and not as upright. Don't have the funds right now to try out either one Attached are some pics of both screens I've had on my bike.

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    When I had a 2008 FZ1, I had the Zero Gravity Sport Touring dark smoke (about 4" taller and 3" wider than stock). There is a Zero Gravity outlet that is a little cheaper: ZGOutlet.com - Fine American Windscreens

    The California Scientific is the largest that I found when considering options Yamaha FZ1 Windshields

    The larger screens are certainly more protective in the cold weather and rain. It all depends on what your end goal is. I think to really know you would have to drive with a number of screens. I almost got the VStream, if it does what they say I think I would like it. Good luck.

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    im using the national cyle touring screen. helps me out,im 6,1" and i have higher bars and taller riser.air hits me around forehead, lil bit of noise but less push. i wear ear plugs most of the time. smooth on the highway though

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    FWIW, I have a FZ6 and a FZ1. I am 6"1' and sit pretty tall (long waisted). The 6's screen is stock and ain't much. I get a lot of buffeting once I exceed 55 mph and both the noise and bumpy wind flow on my helmet is rather annoying. The 1000 has a Puig touring screen and it is an improvement over stock. Less buffeting, noise, and no bumpy wind on my helmet. I would venture a guess that there are better screens (these are the only two I have ever had) out there but I can say that the Puig is an improvement. The screen is the only thing I dislike about the 6 and if I decide to keep it I will most certainly upgrade the screen.

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    I've got TWO different screens: the ZG 'touring' screen and the Gee Bailey's, which is 5" wider/7" taller then stock. I'm 6'4" and the Gee Bailey offered the best torso protection (by far), but had alot of wind nosie @ the helmet. The ZG has much less torso protection, but less helmet wind noise. I'm thinking about adding the Laminar Lip to the ZG and 'testing' it.

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    Copperdawg gets my vote!

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    sorry disregard.
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