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    Default 2006 FZ1 low beams not working

    Just picked up a 2006 FZ1. Loving it so far but... seller lowered price since we couldn't get the low beams to turn on. Both sides light up when the high beams are selected but I get nothing from low beams whether engine is running or not. I'm not sure where to start diagnosing the problem since after several google searches, I cannot seem to find what the "normal" function of these headlights are. Do both headlights have both high and low beams? Is one side low and the other side high? What is the standard headlight bulb type?

    I know the low beams don't turn on until the engine is started, and that all headlights run through one fuse. Since the high beams are working, I have assumed the fuse is still good. Any help is appreciated.

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    Inside your left fairing, you have a connector that becomes loose.
    I ve unplugged and applied some dielectric grease.
    I could ear a bzzzz coming from it when not working.
    Both headlights have high and low beams (h4 bulbs)

    Does your dashbord light up?

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    It ended up being the bulbs. I did not think to check them initially since it did not seem likely that just the low beam would be out on both.



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