Iím having problems getting my Speedometer to read anything but zero on my 2012 FZ1. The bike had been in a minor accident prior to me owning it. The front fairing was gone, but the speedo and faring mount was sound. The speedo works as should for everything else on it, including the tachometer. I replaced the speedo sensor pickup in front of the swingarm (fun job), and while that was unplugged from the harness, I checked for continuity in the harness from the rear plug to the speedo, and was showing that there was continuity in the line. Still nothing on the speed reading. Still at zero. So, I bought a used speedo. Plugged that in, and still showing zero. All I can think of is that although Iím getting a signal through the wire harness, one of the wires is not working properly. One other thing is, I had the ECU flashed, and corrected for a sixteen-tooth front sprocket, to correct the speed reading. I talked to the guy who flashed it, and he said this has never been a problem. Trouble is, I never drove the bike prior to having it flashed to know if it was reading zero before or not. Iím pulling my hair out with this one, along with my money and time. Anyone has any suggestions, please chime inÖ..