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    Default -Horsepower Skepticism-

    Hi folks..

    Re my recently acquired 2006 Gen II FZ1.

    Some simple work I did immediately. Opened the air box up as per posts on this website. New K&N filter. Disconnected EXUP cables and left the valve open, on stock exhaust.

    My dyno tuner got rid of the fuel injection throttle transition glitch, eliminated the power restriction programming for first and second gear. He did some basic tuning, knowing that I'll be changing other things soon. Like going to full exhaust and eliminating whatever pollution nonsense there is.

    He measured 121 horsepower on a cool and rainy day at sea level. Disappointing, but within normal range, according to other posts. (Agree? With dyno and airbox flow work?)

    I was encouraged to re-install a Yoshimura slip-on I had, and told the ECU map installed would accommodate it. Feels like I gained maybe 3 or 4 hp with the slip on. So, maybe 123-124 hp now.

    HUGE frustration though. I've never been on a litre bike so reluctant to wheelie.

    I'm told the FZ1 has a front end weight bias, but for crying out loud, even at peak revs in first gear all I get is a hover up front.

    I can spend the money on a full Yosh system or something like it. Do all the other stuff. But no way I'm going to see the 145 plus horsepower figures I see quoted here.

    I'd need that much more horsepower to start having proper fun. That's just me..

    Sorry for the length of this. Any thoughts truly welcome..


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    I understand that the first three gears are retarded by the ECU up to a certain (?) rev speed. But you're right it doesn't lift up like it should. I'm wondering if it was a ploy by Yamaha to keep inexperienced riders out of the emergency room.

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    your hp numbers are realistic, a tad on the low side perhaps but normal. people with the high numbers are generally on dynos that register high. if your afr is sitting around 13.4:1 on a flat line through your power curve, it's good to go. as far as the wheelie part goes, yeah, it's a heavy bike low on power, and also, it has a soft rear shock. stiffen up the rear, it'll lift more. remember, it's not a sport bike, it's a sport tourer. If you want more punch, change your gearing, 520 conversion and drop a tooth in the front, add three in the rear, and that'll make a big difference. you'll lose some top end but there aint anywhere you can legally hit those speeds anyway except maybe the front straight of portland international.

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    Hey thanks for that. I dropped to 15 teeth on the front sprocket and liked the difference. It was encouraging enough to make me consider spending money on full exhaust and pollution control removal. There may be a way to be happy here after all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemark View Post
    Hey thanks for that. I dropped to 15 teeth on the front sprocket and liked the difference. It was encouraging enough to make me consider spending money on full exhaust and pollution control removal. There may be a way to be happy here after all..
    Go with 15T front and +2T rear with the stock chain its the sweet spot combination for this bike

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    Also the quoted 140-145 would be engine output, not rear wheel.

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    I have a 2008 model with a Power Cammander V tuned by Dave at Sydney Dyno. I've done the airbox flow mod and blanked off the AIS, stripped out the Cat Converter and fitted a MIVV exhaust. I now have 141RWhp and 71ft/lbs at 5000rpm. Also dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket.
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    Great spring luck with the 2006 FZ1.

    Over the winter, I did the airbox cutout, K&N filter, pollution control alterations, Graves velocity stacks, Copperdawgs flies and full Hindle exhaust.

    My dyno guy got 136 horsepower out of it yesterday. That's quite a leap from the 121 horsepower I started with last fall.

    I even painted the bike blue. Thanks for all the great information posted on this website.

    Much appreciated...


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    Hi folks..

    Got hold of Ivan at Ivan's Performance Products. Sent my ECU to him, got it back within a week, installed a Power Commander and followed his instructions.

    Ivan was helpful over the phone and we got the setup dialled in.

    Problem solved. Throttle hesitation is gone, and power has increased across the rev range.

    Smooth and fast. Great investment..


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    I have a stock 2007. Only mod is a slip on and I pulled the exup. I have no problem with 1st gear power wheelies and clutch 2nd gear. I recently changed the chain and sprockets to a 520 chain and went with a 16 tooth front sprocket. It’s completely changed the bike. Comes right up in 1st and will power up in 2nd.

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