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    Default supercharged fz1

    Just thought I would show a few pictures of the start of the conversion , I love fz1 , the low and mid power should very smooth and usable ,half of the kit fits the r1 so thats a help .
    the intercooler might be a bit awkard to fit on front , big square thing,so they hopfully make a nice curved one so it follows the shape of the radiator , nice.
    plus its got a pc5 ignition timing module which was to make the shifter run nice , which im hoping might give it a bit more play ability for setting up mid range power as all the r1s done have not had this on as far as I can see, plus cut down throttle flys.
    tts performance near silverstone uk, is doing the conversion
    got a penske 8987 rear shocker to go In her when I get it back as that would have been the main let down with its stanndard set up and extra power and its had a new frame becuse the last one snapped on a 07 plate us import.
    I will put more bits on as they happen.

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    How much boost are you gonna run? If you keep it around 5ish lbs you can get away with no intercooler. What will the charger be run off from?

    Totally cool BTW. I love superchargers just wouldn't know where to start to put one on a bike...

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    If im going to do it might as well get all I can out of it, I think it might be 10 ish got to get that cooler on there to, im sure they will make it fitt.

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    What kind of HP do you expect with the 10 boost?

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    that's awesome
    . .
    SS.Lazio Curva-Nord

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggybuggy View Post
    What kind of HP do you expect with the 10 boost?

    All the horsepower.

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    Wasn't the turbo fz on here that was boosting like 16lbs making like 260 to the tire?
    So my guess on 10 lbs would put ya around 200ish to the tire...

    Not that the question was directed toward me...

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    Yes. That is Mr. Helmet's bike. I hope he has more for us this Spring.

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    I was hoping for 200-220 odd , I wanted a supercharger for the smooth usable power with no lag and did not want to touch pistons and rods ect which I might have to think about if I have more power.
    so im after reliability but something that will keep things interesting, I thought about making an r1 into a up right bike , cant be done with reaching for the bars any more, ok for the track may be but on the road waste of time , the fz1 idles around back roads and your comfy or screaming through the country side eating r1s lol sat up right, I love the muscle bike look but with a small bit of mid speed wind protection also,, there is not another bike I would rather have.

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    Default Charger

    I have a supercharger on my Cooper S and although there is no "turbo lag" the boost still is very dependent on RPM. I absolutely love the way it build in such a linear manner until it is very quickly transformed from mild mannered to beast.

    I also love the sound of the charger as it gets spun up to full boost. Your charger should be about the same size as the little Eaton on my Mini.
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