For sale is my 2008 FZ1 with approximately 16k miles. Craigslist is just full of scams, so I'm hoping to get more visibility here.

I need something a bit smaller, I do most of my riding these days with my girlfriend and want something more in line with her 300. I've got my heart set on a FZ-07 or MT-07, perfect opportunity for someone to trade up to bigger bike!

The bike has always been garage kept in the winter, and I'm the second owner. Tires a couple seasons old, the chain/sprockets and brakes are well maintained, and ALL fluids have been changed (usually twice a season).

Bike has a fender eliminator, short levers, and tank grips. The front suspension has had the oil swapped out to fine tune the compression and rebound. I also put Stainless steel brake lines, performance air filter, and a tune by vcyclenut. EXUP is removed, as well as the factory restrictions in gears 1-3. The cooling fan was also set to come on earlier and the speedo corrected for 1 tooth down in the front - still running OEM sprocket though, and speed is dead on with GPS.

I also have a custom seat from top sellerie, stock seat included.

I'm looking for a quick sale to put money towards an MT07. I'm also open to trades for the FZ07 or MT07. Contact Terry

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