I currently have the Top Sellerie seats (from France) that are absolutely gorgeous on the bike, but about 8/10 for comfort. The Top Sellerie seat feels really good, nice and firm, but I think that the Corbin is a more comfortable shape for my bum. I'll sell them in the interest of getting Corbin seats instead. I paid quite a bit a couple years ago because I didn't send my OEM seats back to them. It looks like they go for about $350 including shipping from france right now. I'll sell mine for $300 shipped, OR make me a fair offer.

I also have both OEM seats that I really don't need anymore. They are in great condition, no tears or defects. Make me a fair offer for those that covers shipping and they're yours.

I am looking to buy a nice Corbin seat.

I'd be more than willing to work out a trade: either my OEM seats (plus some cash) OR my Top Sellerie seats for Corbin seat(s). Message me here if you're interested, I can get more detailed pics and give you my cell #.