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The motor in the FZ09 and XSR900 is designed to have heaps of bottom end power. I was talking recently to a fellow who owned both and he said the triple motor had more torque down low than the FZ10. However, once it got into the midrange and top end, it was another story.
This is always what I toss around in my head when I think about replacing my 03 fz1, I spend most of my time at 80mph on the freeway cruising along in 6th gear at about 5.5krpm. If I need a little power to get up and go, I just twist and it is good enough, if I really want to go I drop a gear or two and BAM I am outta there.

I wonder what that would be like on the FJ09, FZ09 or the XRS900....

Who am I kidding, I won't be able to afford an FZ10 when my current bikes hits the end of its life... I will probably get another cheap Gen 1.... lol. still nice to dream.