Looks like I will be parting ways with my beloved FZ1 in favor of a '17 SuperDuke.

It has been an incredible bike and I have loved it unlike any other, but alas it is the end of the run.

I will take parts off to sell on here some are very new and others not so much. I will update with pictures this weekend. Prices are OBO, but I think they are pretty fair.

Items for Sale are:
-Vortex rearsets, black, installed less than 2 months $275 shipped

-Top Sellerie front seat, black with blue piping $200 shipped

-Galfer front and rear Stainless brake lines, unopened or installed, $115 shipped

-EBC front brake pads unopened (selling as a 2 pair set) $35

-Givi 20L top case with mounting brackets $125

-MotoDynamics integrated smoked LED tailight $60

-Shorty adjustable levers Black mount w/ blue lever $20

-Smoked Touring windscreen- $35

-Smoked oem style windscreen- $35

I think those may be the only parts I'm willing to uninstall just to sell. If you're really interested I could be convinced to remove the PC3, Leo Vinci slip on, BMC filter, Proton front flush mounts, R1 rear shock w/ Satan adapter, O2 sensor delete kit, tech speck tank grips (installed 3 weeks ago. They can be removed, placed on vinyl decal backing paper, shipped, and reapplied no problem). There are some other items too, but I'm drawing a blank.